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Mini Vacation

We have had many plans this year for things we wanted to do. We had romantic getaway plans, which changed, but actually came about! We had family plans, which really got changed, then changed again.
But we decided it was definitely time to have a little un-interrupted family time. So we got on, found a GREAT hotel deal, and took off. On hotwire, you don’t see the name of the hotel until you pay. But it was a four-star in downtown Cincy, so we took it. It turned out to be the Hyatt Regency. It was so nice, and we were really happy with it.
The boys on “their” bed. Yes, I think Jackson is picking his nose.
The boys had never been in a real pool before, just the ones we have bought them from year to year, that you blow up. 🙂 They were so excited!

They were so scared at first. They just wanted to sit on the side. It took us a while to convince them it was fun! After a while, they were jumping in to us. We even let them go under a few times. The loved it!! The boys with Daddy:
Getting ready to check-out of our 21st-floor room. 🙂I had a quick dr. appointment, then on we went to EnterTrainment Junction. It is a neat little place. They have over 2 miles of track, and lots of displays. The boys loved it, but we did lots of holding because they weren’t tall enough to see. 😉

My biggest “boy” building “Cranky the Crane”:

They could shovel coal. They LOVED it!

Going on a “Thomas the Train” ride all by themselves! We were so proud of them:

All-in-all a fun adventure. We wouldn’t pay to go often, but it was worth it! 🙂 Our happy family:

We ran by Hobby Lobby so I could get some of those cute little crocheted hats and bows and flowers to clip on them. 🙂 Then, we stopped by Steak-n-Shake before we went home!
We had a terrific time! It’s wonderful to just spend time with our boys. We are so thankful for them. Sometimes life gets busy, and you have to slow down and just “be” together. Happy memories…
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The Best Mexican Food EVER

Wednesday afternoon, we ate lunch on the river. It was SO good! I’ve never had such good Mexican food! Yummy!

Sadly, I forgot the name of our restaurant, 😦 but this is it:

There were strolling mariachis all along that side of the river. So, we thought we maybe wanted them to sing and play for us… it would be so romantic. But, they CHARGE you $12 per song! We thought they worked off tips. Oh well, we could hear them sing to other people. 🙂

The ducks and pigeons stayed close by. If you got up from your table, the pigeons would move right in on your food. Yuck! But they left us alone… I was protective of my food! 🙂
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Japanese Tea Gardens

Wednesday morning, we hopped the river taxi and took it as far as we could go…

Then we hopped a bus, had one transfer and arrived at the Japanese Tea Gardens. They were beautiful. They’re called “sunken gardens” because it was an old rock quarry, so everything is in a huge basin. It was a free attraction :D, and didn’t take long to walk through.

Ooh la, la!

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Cruising the San Antonio River

The river has a taxi service called the “Rio Taxi.” It is very expensive per ride (like almost $10). But for $15 per person, you can hop on and off for 24 hours! So, while still expensive, it is so fun and relaxing, plus you can get to a lot of different places without walking! So Tuesday evening we bought tickets and rode most of the day Wednesday, too. 🙂

Some of the sites:

At each underpass, a local “artist” was given the privilege of decorating it. So each one was totally different. Some were really beautiful, some were weird and some were…

One section of the river has just been renovated in the past few years, and it I think 8 or 9 feet higher, so they have locks for the rio taxi to pass through:

Fun, fun!
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The Witte Museum

Tuesday afternoon we tried to get to the Witte Museum. We finally caught a bus and they directed us to another bus, which took us there. 🙂 It was free after 2 p.m. 🙂 Altogether I was disappointed in it. If we had paid $8 a piece I think I would’ve been mad… or maybe I would have appreciated it more!

These are the highlights:

This was my favorite part: All these trains designed and worn by royal women throughout history.

After the museum we had a terrific supper at Sonic!!
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