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That Certain Summer by Irene Hannon



Karen and Val are sisters – but they didn’t grow up close, and still hardly speak to each other. Val has been the superstar sister – pretty, talented, confident, and adventurous. Karen is the responsible one. She stayed home, always did the sensible thing, quiet, plain. But both have insecurities, and have to learn to get past them. A sudden stroke for their mother Margaret provides the setting for their reunion.

All through the story, you can feel the pain of each sister. But as they get to know each other again, they learn the other is not so bad. They uncover past secrets that help them understand all the tension. It is a precious story, and makes you want to get closer to your family. They each learn to be honest, and in turn find a wonderful friend in each other.

But it’s not all heavy! There are some light-hearted moments as a few handsome young men enter the lives of these two sisters. They also have pasts and have to learn to trust God, and move on. All their paths collide in that certain summer.

I received the book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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The Big Event

We’re all smiles today! It’s been a whole season since the kick-off of the last big event!

The ramps are in place, the gas cans are filled.

The blades have been sharpened, and bolted back on!

We’ll miss Daddy! We have to kiss him because he’ll be gone… two hours!

It’s time, it’s time! It’s mowing season!

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Since my blog has been neglected… here is May and June in a nutshell!

At Mom’s church’s ladies’ meeting… Mom, Kristan and I were asked to sing. It was so much fun! The three of us with Tammy Pallotta, the pastor’s wife:

With Becky, our other sister 🙂

The home school group took a trip to Connor Prairie in May. It was over the boys’ heads, but a great, educational place to go.

Fun in the sun… at home:

In May, I learned how to make headbands! They are so easy and cute!

“Time of Refreshment Ladies’ Conference” Our silly skit:

Alicia and I

Mom and I

Miss Margaret Stringer, our special speaker. She was a single missionary in Indonesia to cannibal tribes for 40 years! A very special lady. 🙂

Our back yard getting spruced up:

Our Summerfest booth. My friend Amy and I worked so hard! We hardly sold anything, but our stuff looked pretty!

In the Summerfest parade, showing off our Old Fashioned Sunday duds:

Fun with cousins at Grammy and Pawpaw’s:

VA VBS: Jamin did a great job leading the whole thing. 🙂

And that brings us up-to-date! Here comes the statement:
From now on, I’ll blog more often! 😀
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