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Water Bottle Woes

Do you drink bottled water? We do at my house… like crazy!

The problem is that they all look alike. We end up with seven bottles in the kitchen, one in the kitchen and a few in each bedroom. Madness! Which water is fresh? Which one is mine?

Then add sickness to the mess. I don’t want to drink after a runny-nosed toddler. Ewww.

Enter giant animal balloons!


We had a bag of these balloons on the shelf. We actually use them like giant rubber bands to keep our cabinets closed (an Eva deterrent). So, I thought, “Pop them on the water bottle!”

You may think, “Oh how silly! I can’t believe she is blogging about this!”

But it made a big difference at our house. Now I know if it has a pink band on it, it’s mine. And everybody else knows it’s not theirs. I actually finish a bottle before I get another one, so it wastes less.

I know they make cute little bands for sippy cups and stuff. But who wants to spend money when they can use balloons they already have? Haha! 🙂 You could also use colored rubber bands. OR you can braid a few balloons together to make it fancier.

Just wanted to share my aha! moment with you!

Happy Ballooning!


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