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De-Clutter, Please!

I love my house! I mean, I LOVE it! It is so cute and meets our needs perfectly. I love the hardwood floors. I love the layout. I love my black and white bathroom. I love that we fixed it up ourselves… and it’s ours.

One thing our cute little house does not have is great storage. There are a few closets, but they need work. Our bedroom closets only have one rod, and it’s not even at a great height. I need closet systems, and new doors. However, we make the best of it and try to cut the clutter.

In the kitchen I have a few pieces to use for storage, a buffet, and a small 12- or 14-inch cabinet. I love these pieces and we’ve had them since we got married. But they get cluttered! This Spring, I’ve been trying to de-clutter a small area at a time so I tackled my buffet earlier this week.


Seriously cluttered. Jelly beans from last Easter, cereal boxes with about 1 inch of cereal left, empty oatmeal cans (I guess I was thinking crafts?) Ahh! I finally got to it, and threw away about a trash bag of stuff! Whoa.


Ahh…. peace and harmony, and a useful space, and food that is not expired… and a baby foot. 🙂 I feel better.

Now, I need to do under my bathroom sink! (And our closets, and under our dressers, and… nevermind!)

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