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Eva’s First Birthday!

I have mixed feelings about this very special day. It seems like Eva should still be a newborn. But she’s already an entire year old. My tiny bundle is now walking, babbling, fussing at her brothers. She is precious. She is a gift from God. I am so glad she’s in our family. She is always ready with a smile. She loves to empty cabinets, play in the toilet, and see how many things she can unload from my purse. She shivers when she touches a grape. She likes to eat dirt. She yells when the cat comes near. She adores her brothers unless they are being pests.

She’s our Eva Joy… for one year!

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8 Wonderful Years


I cannot believe we have been married 8 years! Time surely has flown, just like everyone said it would. We have grown closer each year, and I can’t believe what a friend my husband has become. It’s so wonderful when you feel completely safe to tell whatever secrets you need to, and your husband will understand. Because he knows you.

Jamin is my forever Love. I am still so happy to be his wife. As we grow together, it’s amazing to much closer we become. The more I know him, the more I love him.

It’s so unreal how so many are getting divorced these days. I am so thankful for a husband who makes our marriage a priority, and who has chosen to work on it… together with me. After all, didn’t we promised God we would?





I love you, Jamin! I’m so glad you’re mine!


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