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Just Like You

I had a long chat with a friend this morning. Home schooling came up. It always does. Jackson will be 5 this December, so we will start him next fall. My friend had listened to a CD by Debi Pearl about home schooling. As with all things, eat the meat and spit out the bones. That particular CD was depressing to my friend. Debi Pearl was talking about how school should always be fun, and how she didn’t believe in curriculum. My friend did not agree, and neither do I.

Then, my friend told me about a wonderful book she had read by Vickie Farris, wife of Home School Legal Defense president. This book was so helpful to her. She related so much more with her as a mom and could glean so much from it.

Every family works differently. And you grow with it.

I can look at a new mom with only one baby and want to roll my eyes when she says it’s hard to take a shower, and she just can’t get anything done. I think it’s ridiculous. Now that I have three, looking back to one seems SO easy. Until I think back! Back to when I suddenly had this little person screaming at me all day, and I remember what it was like adjusting to that new life. It wasn’t easy! I’m sure moms with 5 or 6 or more children, can look at me and wonder how I could possibly get overwhelmed. But I do! And they did too, at times, when they had ONLY 3. 🙂

The point of all this? We all have our problems and struggles and difficulties. No matter where we live, married or not, children or not, home schooling or not, in the ministry or not, fill-in-the-blank or not. There are easy and wonderful times at every place, every stage, every chapter of our lives. It doesn’t mean one person is more spiritual, or more capable. If I struggle with something and you don’t, then it means you don’t struggle in that area. 🙂 But you probably struggle in areas I don’t.

Having said all that, it is not my intention to make everyone feel good about their failures. We do all have them. We all need to work on our faults.

I also want you to know that we cannot let others pressure us into trying to be something we are not, like home schooling withOUT curriculum. If Debi Pearl did that, more power to her! I am not going to take that route!

Some books you read say you need to get up at 5:30, others will say you should only cook organic foods. These things only work for some families.

Let the Lord, and your husband guide you. God will give you the direction you need, and the strength.

But knowing others struggle, just like you do, just like I do… let’s encourage each other. You may not understand all my struggles, and I probably won’t understand yours. But we all understand that we all have struggles. 🙂

Let’s encourage each other!

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