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Tomorrow, I will see my friend. My college best friend. We were freshman roomates. We went through SO much together. We stayed close until graduation and still keep in touch! I am so excited to see her!

As I think about how long it has been… 3 1/2 years… I wish I could see her more often. I have had different friends throughout my life. Childhood friends, teen friends, co-worker friends, college friends, and “now” friends. Sometimes I just wish I could blend them all together and glean all the happy moments!

Then there’s family. Our wonderful families that we don’t live close to. Our sisters we can’t go shopping with, our brothers that we can’t play basketball with, our parents we can’t just invite over for supper! I wish we could all be together!

Someday… we will be all together! One grand reunion will take place in Heaven for those of us who are saved! Thankfully, all our family members and close friends are also in the family of God. We will be together for all eternity… someday! 🙂

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A Glimpse of Heaven

It is with a heavy heart that I blog today. I rarely blog about extremely personal events because I don’t just want anyone to read them. But today, a college friend is remembering the year anniversary of her baby girl being born beautiful and healthy, taking her home, and holding her while she took her last breath at a precious two days old.
It was a horrible experience, to say the least. I will not even try to write of the depths of sorrow their family endured. I cannot understand. I do not want to be able to understand, for only a first-hand experience could make it hurt like she hurt.
What I do know is that to lose a baby is very heart-breaking. Over the past few years, we have miscarried two precious babies. Those were black, rayless times in my life. But God carried us through them, and proved His grace to us!
My first miscarriage was in May 2006, before I had any children. It was the hardest. I felt like we’d waited to long. I felt like there was a beautiful reward for us…just out of reach.
The second miscarriage was in October 2010. We already had our two boys, so it seemed much easier. We knew we wouldn’t be childless. But it was still very heart-rending, and I spent much time in tears. But very soon after that, we found out we were expecting Eva, and God used that to heal me.
Recently, the Duggar family miscarried a baby. They shared a picture of that baby’s hand on her hand. There was a lot of controversy about the photograph, and whether or not they should have posted it. But I’m so glad they did!
You see, I have nothing tangible from my babies. My miscarriages were early, within one week of finding out they were on the way. That made it SO much easier. But in a way, I would love to have known if they were boys or girls, or one of each. I would love to give them a name, and seal a place in my heart. I would love to have a picture, and a favorite outfit they wore, something to hold onto. But I know that with that sweetness would also come a much bigger hole in our lives.
I’m so thankful for Heaven where loved ones are quickly moving. Our babies are there. They are with Jesus, and I know we will be all together again.
Is my story sad? Yes, it is sad, but not compared to so many others. But I’m thankful that the story WILL have a happy ending, for Heaven is real.
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