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Not Enough!

Bows, and ribbons. Flowers. Headbands, hats. We’ve got it all. What we don’t have is…
enough hair!
Well, we tried. Five months is not a sufficient life span to grow enough hair for pig tails!
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Since my blog has been neglected… here is May and June in a nutshell!

At Mom’s church’s ladies’ meeting… Mom, Kristan and I were asked to sing. It was so much fun! The three of us with Tammy Pallotta, the pastor’s wife:

With Becky, our other sister 🙂

The home school group took a trip to Connor Prairie in May. It was over the boys’ heads, but a great, educational place to go.

Fun in the sun… at home:

In May, I learned how to make headbands! They are so easy and cute!

“Time of Refreshment Ladies’ Conference” Our silly skit:

Alicia and I

Mom and I

Miss Margaret Stringer, our special speaker. She was a single missionary in Indonesia to cannibal tribes for 40 years! A very special lady. 🙂

Our back yard getting spruced up:

Our Summerfest booth. My friend Amy and I worked so hard! We hardly sold anything, but our stuff looked pretty!

In the Summerfest parade, showing off our Old Fashioned Sunday duds:

Fun with cousins at Grammy and Pawpaw’s:

VA VBS: Jamin did a great job leading the whole thing. 🙂

And that brings us up-to-date! Here comes the statement:
From now on, I’ll blog more often! 😀
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