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Eva, Sweet Eva

Eva, sweet Eva



  • 20 Months old in a few days
  • Has learned about 10 new words this month, including “no.” She can whine, too. “NoooooOOoo, MooooOOmmmy.” 🙂 Other words are yes, good girl and uh-huh (with a whole-body nod)
  • Can get out of bed by herself, which Jackson nor Timothy learned to do
  • Looks funny when she tries to give kisses
  • Loves to sing (in bed instead of falling asleep)
  • Throws her head back in despair, and sometimes her spine just can’t hold her up… when she doesn’t get her way. Also throws herself in the floor sometimes (oh dear!)
  • Loves to climb (see below)


She’s our cutie pie and we all love her! She keeps us on our toes, on our knees, and in a constant smile!

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The Cry

I was in my room, catching up on facebook after a busy day. Checking my emails, getting sidetracked… you know.

The boys were still sleeping, my hubby was off to work, Eva was toddling around.

Then I heard it… the cry.

I went to check on Eva to see what was wrong. She loves to climb on the back of the couch and look out the picture window. But she is still so tipsy. So she had fallen over onto the end table beside the couch. It was actually quite funny! She wasn’t hurt, but she couldn’t move. 🙂 I laughed at her, but picked her up and kissed her.

Sometimes we cry to the Father because we are overwhelmed. We aren’t always hurt, but we are trapped. We can’t move. We don’t know what to do, or where to go. So we cry! He wants us to cry! He wants us to reach out to Him when we just have fallen on our faces and need help getting up.

When we cry, He will come. And that makes me feel so loved.

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Eva’s First Birthday!

I have mixed feelings about this very special day. It seems like Eva should still be a newborn. But she’s already an entire year old. My tiny bundle is now walking, babbling, fussing at her brothers. She is precious. She is a gift from God. I am so glad she’s in our family. She is always ready with a smile. She loves to empty cabinets, play in the toilet, and see how many things she can unload from my purse. She shivers when she touches a grape. She likes to eat dirt. She yells when the cat comes near. She adores her brothers unless they are being pests.

She’s our Eva Joy… for one year!

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Eva, 8 Months

“Oh, my little Eva! How fast you’re growing! How beautiful you are!”

At 8 Months:

  • She wants her mommy! And she says, “Ma ma ma ma” a LOT. Oh, happy sigh. She loves me!
  • Earlier in the month, she was getting on her knees and sitting down again. Now, just yesterday she crawled. She is so cute. I almost wanted to cry because she is just growing so fast!
  • She loves her brothers. But she is starting to fuss at them when they annoy her. Both of them want to hug on her, grab her, kiss her. Sometimes they make her fall if she is on her knees or trying to stand up. She’ll scream at them if they bother her! (it’s cute!…for a little while longer)
  • She loves music. Sometimes if there is singing, she sings too. Loudly. 🙂
  • She gives big smiles to people… if I am holding her.
  • She gives big smiles to the camera! We have a ton of smiley pictures. She may be vain.
  • She is putting away the food. She hadn’t gained much weight at her last checkup (less than a pound), so he wanted her to have more calories. We hit the puree pretty hard and now she eats about 3 containers of baby food a day. I can tell she’s getting fatter. 🙂
  • She has started pulling off her head bands! I am sad.

Our girl is growing up. The longest pregnancy ever is still so fresh on my mind, her newborn days seem so recent. I cannot believe that she will turn 1 in just a few short months. 🙂 I am so thankful for my little girl.

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Ribbons, and Clips, and Glue! Oh my!

On Pinterest and blogs, I have found some adorable hair bow ideas, so I decided to try a few. I love to doll Eva up! It’s SO fun!

The hair bow tutorial I found was SO easy and simple. I used it to make these bows.

I think this green one is my favorite. I just love the ribbon! It is huge, but I love it!! (and I love the model!)
Some of them are as big as her head! I love it!
Then I also found a great fabric flower tutorial and it is even easier! I have big plans for these shabby flowers!
Blogger would not let me link the shabby flower tutorial, so let me know if you would like the website. 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!
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Not Enough!

Bows, and ribbons. Flowers. Headbands, hats. We’ve got it all. What we don’t have is…
enough hair!
Well, we tried. Five months is not a sufficient life span to grow enough hair for pig tails!
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Sweet Leggings

My Eva girl in sweet leggings. I love her. I just love to dress her up. I love her bows and frills. I love her 23 hours a day! There is that one hour in the middle of the night when “like” is a better word than “love.” But seriously, I know she is growing so fast, and will soon outgrow her night feedings. Pretty soon, she’ll start pulling off her headbands. Pretty soon, she’ll be under my feet when I’m busy.
I’m glad she’s still little.
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The (Eva) Joy of Our Lives

Our precious little Eva is almost five months old! That is so extremely hard to believe, considering the last two weeks of my pregnancy lasted three months! But nevertheless, she is such a sweet part of our lives. We love to cuddle her, and love on her. She gives us the biggest grins! It’s amazing how such a little person, in such a short time takes such a big place!

Little screamer, cute though she may be:

Dressed in her church bonnet:

Love her sleeping cheeks!

Contagious smile:
Watching movies with the biggest brother:
Yes, she’s our girl!
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Ready for the Hospital… Anytime now… Anytime…

It hit me very suddenly that if I went into labor, I would not be prepared. Even though the due date is three weeks away, it could happen. (I know it’s too good to be true, but it’s theoretically possible.) I could just imagine us rushing around in the middle of the night, looking for things we needed, looking for the suitcase. Waking up the boys, putting clothes on them, trying to think of who to call in the middle of the night. Kind of like a nightmare.
I put together a hospital list, and now we’re ready. Our clothes are in the suitcase, all zipped up, ready to go. Our toiletries are in a tote bag, hanging on the bathroom door. We use things out of it, then put them back in. And I have a list of things we need to grab on the way out… like our phone, laptop, and a pillow for Jamin.
I’m still waiting for Eva’s diaper bag to come site to store, so she’s packed with our stuff. I can’t wait to dress her.
Her coming-home outfit:
And I wanted to do something for the boys, so we’d be a cutesy family in the hospital. I bought shirts and iron-on letters at Hobby Lobby, and ta-da!

Now we’re ready… anytime now, little Eva!
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