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Bedtime Devotions with Jesus


This was a cute little devotional for children. Although I have not read all 365 devotions, we have read several.

Things that I feel could be improved:

We personally use the King James version of the Bible. So, when a different version is used, often the meaning isn’t the same. The devotional would be based on a word in the verse. But when I read it in the King James, it wouldn’t go with the devotional at all. “Lost in translation” is the term I would use. Even though the thought would still be good, it just wouldn’t go with the verse very well.

Things I liked:

I really like the layout of this cute little book. At the top of each page, it gives you the week and day. For instance, at the beginning of January, it would say ‘Week 1, Tuesday’. I really like that. It is done very simply, and the bear is cute. I really like just a simple thought to begin the day, or to go to bed on. The thought is very relevant to smaller children usually. Often, the devotion is about being scared, or asking Jesus to help you, etc. All in all, a cute little book that we will continue to use!

I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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