Desperate Measures by Sandra Orchard


I have enjoyed reading about Kate Adams and Detective Tom Parker for all three Port Aster books now. They are well done! There is just enough action, suspense and romance to make them perfect for me.

Kate had to say goodbye to her dad again. She had just found him again. He was protecting her all this time, all this time she thought he was dead. But now, she is so furious at Tom for sending him into hiding without consulting her. So, needless to say, Tom and Kate’s relationship is on hold for now. Maybe forever as far as Kate’s concerned.

But a stranger nosing around next-door to her research assistant Patti’s house makes Kate realize she does still need Tom. The list of suspects is growing, and Kate and Patti are not sure who they can trust. Is the mayor’s son really just a doting boyfriend, or is he up to something else? Is the new neighbor looking for the amendosa plants on his new property? Or is he really just a friendly neighbor? Just when things start to make sense, Kate is kidnapped. And the kidnapper is familiar…

I read this one pretty fast. I always love it when I can’t put them down. These Port Aster Secrets books are fantastic!

I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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