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At Home in Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

last chance

Kaitlyn can’t ever be “good.” Deserting her 6-year-old daughter last summer had definitely been the low point of her life. Thankfully, her big brother Chris was always there to pick up the pieces. Now she’s here in Last Chance, starting to get her life together. But no one seems to notice that she’s actually being responsible, and actually being a good mother. Except Steven.

Steven has had a rough past, just like Kaitlyn. The two have been warned by friends and family, not to trust each other. But being “black sheep” isn’t the only thing they have in common. They both love Olivia, Kaitlyn’s daughter, their families, and against their track records, love living in Last Chance.

This sweet love story goes into the subject of forgiving yourself after God forgives you, and moving on with your life. God can give a clean slate like no one else can.

The third in the “A Place to Call Home” series, this one is equally as sweet as the others.

I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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Little Chick’s Bible book review


I am always on the lookout for children’s books I can review, then give to my kids. I loved this one, and am so glad I got a copy of it.

It has a soft little cover. It’s mouth opens up, and little wings wiggle. It’s so cute. The back cover is plain yellow, and fuzzy as well. The inside pages are board pages, so they’re nice and sturdy. The artwork is adorable, and there are 8 stories, made up with cute little rhymes. The stories included are: God’s Wonderful Work (Creation), God’s Friend Noah, Baby Moses in a Boat, David Fights a Giant, God’s Greatest Gift (Jesus’ birth), The Real Neighbor (the Good Samaritan), It’s a Miracle (Feeding of the 5,000), and Jesus Opens Heaven’s Doors (Jesus’ death and resurrection). This is a very good book, perfect to take to church.

It’s a Miracle

Where Jesus went, the people came

To have him heal the sick and lame.

They stayed until the day grew late.

But who could feed a crowd so great?

A young boy gave the food he brought:

Some fish and bread, though not a lot.

Jesus blessed both fish and bread,

And all the people there were fed!

I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris

hidden agenda

This book is the third in the “Southern Crimes” series. The Hunt family of Atlanta are mostly made up of law enforcement, and this trilogy follows each of the three siblings.

Michael Hunt has been undercover for 8 months, and several months ago, he was thought to be dead. His family has been grieving and life has gone on without him. But he made the decision to keep going, almost ready to bring down the drug lord he has been working with. But his cover is suddenly blown, and one of his partners is executed before his eyes.

Olivia Hamilton has been receiving emails about her father. She can’t trace them, but surely these accusations can’t be true. He can’t be involved with Cartel de Rey. But her worst fears quickly become reality, and she and her brother help Michael escape death.

On the run, Michael, Olivia and her brother Ivan race to uncover the truth before their lives are lost. The Hunt family discovers Michael is alive, and quickly investigate to find the truth before Michael dies, for real this time.

Such a fun, action-packed adventure that will be hard to put down! And the Southern Crimes trilogy ends with the love of family, and faith in God at the center.

I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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