Moment Maker by Carlos Whittaker

I was so intrigued by the title and description of this book. I’m always looking for ways to make life special for my family. I love being intentional about showing love to my husband and kiddos. And while this book certainly held some great ideas, I was disappointed.

First off all, I’ll start with the positives: It is hilarious!! The author has a great way with words, and I laughed out loud numerous times. The entertainment value was a score! Also, there were many moments in the book that started out as accidents, but God taught a lesson through them. And I loved that!

But for the negative, I was annoyed and lost interest for a few weeks, when in the early chapters, the author described a time when he met a cross-dresser and then met her, along with her friends at a bar later. A moment was made, sure. The person felt like someone cared. However, I think you can care about someone without going “where they go.” Also, in later chapters, he bough a round of drinks at a bar for some soldiers who were returning home. Again, GREAT to care about someone, but there are other ways to show that besides participating in things the Bible clearly calls out as sin.

All in all, I’m glad I read it, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone.

I was provided a free copy by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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