The Biggest Reason for Christian Education

When I was in college, I had a Homeschooling Seminar for a semester. It was so fun and interesting as we compared do’s and don’ts, all the different curricula, pros and cons, etc. I had NO idea there were so many types of textbooks, unit studies, self-teaching, online, and video programs. The possibilities are endless. At that time, my professor said, “The problem with secular schools is that they leave God out.” At that time, I jotted it down, nodding my head, but not fully understanding.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago. 

I know a young lady who is 12 and just started home school for the first time. She had been in public school up until now, so I wanted to know how she was doing with it all. So, I asked her how it was going, and her answer was a light-bulb moment for me.

She said, “I love it. It’s just God, God, God everywhere!” She paired this awesome statement with a brush of her hand over her head, as if she were painting an invisible rainbow.She was smiling, and had a twinkle in her eyes. She was glad.

Light-bulb! “The problem is that they leave God out!”

Most people think we home schoolers are trying to hide our children from everything, that we are simply trying to keep our children from being offered cigarrettes or drugs. That we want to keep them from negative peer pressure. That we don’t want them to be bullied.

But although, I’ve known it in my heart all along, I’m just now able to grasp that actual words of what Mrs. Kiser said all those years ago. 

Home schooling, or Christian education is not about what we don’t want our children to learn. It’s about what we do want our children to learn.IMG_20140812_104518

Keeping our children away from all those things mentioned above are definitely a factor. But when that child  grows into an adult, those things will definitely be present in life! But a firm foundation in God, as children, will keep them strong as adults.

You see, everything begins with God. History – God created the world, and you can see God’s hand all throughout history. All throughout the settling of our nation, the wars, you can see God’s hand in it. History has often been referred to as “His story”, and that’s exactly what it is.

God is a God of order, and you can see that in Math and Music.

Science supports Biblical Creation. 

EVERYTHING begins with God! 

Giving my children this firm foundation will help them be strong. Some may say that you can’t shelter them from the world because they have no idea how to act when they reach adulthood. But in our home, their Daddy is a pastor, and people call us or knock on our door almost every week because they are in trouble. These are life lessons for our children, and we try to make them teachable moments when they know that sin is in the world, and it causes trouble for people. They can understand what is going on without being forced into the middle of it every day, all day, without their parents’ guidance.

Let me say, I know there are some awesome public school teachers who are doing a tremendous job to make a difference! But a lot of them have told me they are glad we are home schooling our kids!

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