The Gift of Love by Amy Clipston

gift of love

I don’t read too many biographies or memoirs, but I recently read one of Amy Clipston’s Amish novels, so this one intrigued me.

Amy is a Christian fiction writer, and her dream begins to be fulfilled during the darkest days of her life.

Her father suffers a stroke while she is still in college, giving her young adult life much difficulty. During those days, she meets her soul-mate Joe, and the story is sweet but still has very many turns ahead. Just a few years into their marriage, they realize Joe has a kidney disease. But before too much time goes by, he receives a new kidney and they hope life can gain some stability again.

Only it seems life will stay wrought with stress and toil for a while as his body rejects his new kidney. It takes several more years before they can once again find peace. As Joe’s body has to undergo dialysis, he is weak, irritable and the entire family hurts and suffers.

Not only is there poor health to deal with, but Amy finds herself struggling to parent their two sons, while working full-time to provide health insurance and to pay the bills. A publishing company gives her a contract for an Amish series. This gives Amy an escape from the stress that surrounds her, and also helps provide extra income.

Amy is determined to be a kidney donor, but is disappointed to find she is no match for her precious husband. So they sign up through a paired donation program and are accepted. After a few months, there is a match! Miraculously, they are paired with another couple. Amy’s kidney goes to a suffering woman whose husband donates his healthy kidney to Joe. It is a precious thing, and the couples are able to meet and talk while in the hospital.

This is a very sweet story and anyone would enjoy reading it.

I received the book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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