It’s a Mean (FB) World

I have had several sad observations lately while scrolling through my newsfeed and thought I’d just share a few things to ponder. I LOVE facebook. I don’t think I’ll ever delete my account (though I’ve thought about it several times!) because it’s my main means of communication with college friends, childhood friends, and a much easier way to share (with those who care) how the kids are growing and how everyone is getting along. I am in a few Ministry and Home school groups that have helped me tremendously!

That being said, I cannot be silent on a few problems I see almost daily:

  1. Those who think they can tell everyone what to do. From health and beauty to raising kids, to how long a person should pray each day, to what kind of minivan they would NEVER buy, I’ve seen a lot of opinions. Of course, anyone can post whatever they want on their status! But anything can be said with kindness! And so much of it is unnecessary. Would you say that to someone’s face? Then don’t say it on facebook.
  2. Those who tell everyone when they are wrong. So many times I have gotten involved in an argument. And I’m pretty sure it’s never made much of a difference. Of course there may be those who are silently reading and my opinion may be helping them. But it does bad things to my stress level. 😉 And if someone doesn’t ask for an opinion, I really don’t think I should give it! And even if they ask, I can be kind, even if I disagree with them. If I wouldn’t give my opinion in person, then I probably shouldn’t give it on facebook.
  3. Those who constantly brag. We all have them on our news feed. I have been guilty of being one of them. It’s good to always ask myself why I am posting something. Am I wanting others to envy what I have an opportunity to do? Am I wanting to make others wish they had my clean house (which was only clean long enough for the picture!)? Do I hope people will be amazed at my profound wisdom in that statement I just made? Do I want others to wish they could go on the vacation I just took? There can be so much pride involved in what we post. I’m not saying we should never share, but consider how it may make someone feel. If I were in a group of (physical) friends, would I shout out “Look at my clean living room?” I doubt it.
  4. Those who unfriend or delete their account multiple times. If someone disagrees with us constantly, it can wear on our nerves, and there is probably a time to unfriend someone. In real life, it would be harder to do this, but there is this beautiful word called “ignore.” It means we don’t have to type back when someone gets on our nerves. The arguing will stop if we simply don’t argue. I personally think if you unfriend someone, it’s like a child screaming, “You’re not my friend anymore!”

Facebook is a different world than the physical world, so every part cannot be compared. This is all my opinion, so take it or leave it.  I just think we would all benefit from being more careful, and a little kinder when we post. 🙂

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