Fun Gender Reveal for Baby #4!

We found out in April that God was giving us another little blessing! We are excited and thankful!

From the beginning of our marriage, I always thought I would love to be surprised with the gender if I already had a boy and a girl. That way, I would already have the “stuff” and could just sit back. But, I just couldn’t hold out…none of us could! So, we decided to do a fun gender reveal.

I scoped the internet and pinterest for fun ideas. Here we go…

On ultrasound day, it was so hard not to peek. The technician went for the gender right away. Baby was in a great position, so she had us close our eyes for a minute or two. As soon as she wrapped up the ultrasound, she put the sweet surprise in an envelope. All that held the envelope closed was a tiny piece of tape! Ahh! It was so hard not to open it! When we got to the car, I held it up to the light to try to cheat! I know, I know! Pretty desperate! But thank goodness, I couldn’t see!

A sweet friend asked if she could please help with the reveal, so I said “Sure!” She came over a few days later, and took some pictures and pulled off the whole shebang for us!

IMG_3909 Edit

IMG_3920 Edit Ready

IMG_3927 Edit Ready

It was so fun! The cans of silly string were wrapped with paper, and decorated. We each had one in our hands. Camera ready, go!

IMG_3954 Edit ReadyAt first, I couldn’t tell what color the string was! It looked white! But when I looked up in the trees, I could see the PINK!

“Ahhh! It’s a girl!” I said!

IMG_3973 Edit Ready

IMG_3975Jackson said, “I wish it was a boy.”

Kids! 😉

Thank you to Cassie King for the beautiful pictures, and hard work! You really made our day special!

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