Under a Blackberry Moon by Serena B. Miller


This is the sweet story of a young Chippewa woman who finds love in more ways than one. Moon Song married a white man, much to the dismay of her elderly grandmother. Years earlier, Moon Song’s own mother had also married a white man and he had broken her heart, causing her early death. After Moon Song was grown and married to her own white man, she was widowed, and being far from home, she stumbled into a logging camp with a tiny newborn. She meets kind Christian people who help and love her. But she can’t stay forever. It’s time to go back to her own people.

Skypilot, nicknamed for his profession, agrees to see that Moon Song gets home safely, so they board a steamer and head up the Great Lakes. But tragedy strikes, and the two of them find themselves in the wilderness, struggling to survive.

Will this bring them closer, or drive them apart? There’s definitely a spark between them. But they have different faiths, and completely different cultures? Will Moon Song come to know the true God? Can Skypilot accept the ways of her people?

This is a fascinating read. Though the book is fiction, I was saddened to know that some of its contents were based on true stories. And the Indians were faced with very harsh treatment time after time.

The love story ends as one would suspect, but there is a twist at the end that makes the story so precious. Great book!

On sale now in your Revell bookstore, a division of Baker Publishing.

I received the book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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