Dangerous Passage by Lisa Harris


When Avery gets handed a new case, a young Asian girl who was murdered, it hits close to home. Though she’s been a detective for several years, it’s always harder when a teenager is involved, since her daughter Tess is close to the same age. Jackson, the medical examiner is a great help to Avery in her cases, but lately there has been more than just work between them.

Could a serial killer be on the loose? That seems to be the case as they dig deeper. Until one night when Avery’s home is broken into, and Avery comes close to being killed.

It just isn’t adding up. Avery has had trouble letting go of the death of her brother, who was also an officer, working undercover. Could the two be connected? Or is the killer just trying to get Avery sidetracked?

The story was good here, but I think the author could have made everything clearer in the end. I’m still a little unsure as to her brother’s death, and the person she suspected of his murder all throughout the book. But even without the perfect clarity, this was still a good plot that held my attention through to the end.

On sale now in your favorite Revell book store, a division of Baker Publishing.

I received the book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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