For my birthday this year, my hubby really surprised me! For a few months, he would sit on the laptop and not let me come near. 😉 I got a clue and guessed right, although I didn’t really know until my birthday! He made a beautiful blog book for me. It had my entire blog (minus the posts where I popped on to say I was too busy to blog!) complete with pictures. It was so pretty and thoughtful!

The very last page of the blog said that my husband took me to the symphony for my birthday, and out for a day of shopping! Score big time! I have wanted to go to the symphony for all our married life. {I know it’s not really that long!} I was so happy, I cried!

I was thrilled!

We went to Cincinnati’s Music Hall on Friday, Feb. 22nd.


It was so beautiful and dreamy! We sat in the Gallery in section O and I was surprised how well we could see!



The conductor was also the violinist who did the solos. It was amazing to watch him play. Then for the last two pieces, he conducted. I just love to see professionsals in their element! Of any kind!

The last piece was by Mendelssohn. It was incredible! To see about 60 stringed instruments in perfect sync! I was amazed!

Me and the man who is so good to me!

DSCN4597Inside the Hall. It was built in the 1800s, and is SO amazing.



The cute bag I bought in the gift shop:



It made me love and appreciate classical music even more. So much so, that I’m implementing it in home school this year. Just to introduce the kids to it, and help them to respect it. We will play a piece and do a special activity along with it. And read books about the composers. I hope they will love it!

After the concert was over, we had a wonderful lunch at Red Lobster, and did some major shopping!

I love my husband and am so thankful for him. It’s always nice to get away and spend time together without answering 20-questions-a-minute!

Here’s to being 29… forever! 😀

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2 thoughts on “29

  1. Way to go Jamin!
    Happy birthday Joy!

  2. journeythroughnews

    That’s so great! I’m glad you really enjoyed yourself. I wonder if you would like this piece:

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