The Room of Pink

Eva’s room has been a work in progress her whole life. Just once I’d like to have a room all ready when a baby is born.

But the journey is half the fun, right? So, here is some progress on her cutesy little room. I am in love with it!

We bought a shelf the other day, and some cute little canvas tubs at Walmart. Before, there was nothing in her room but a dresser (which was full), so the “stuff” in her room was just everywhere in the floor. As you can see from the picture, there is still some stuff on the floor. We’re saving that mattress until we get a little bed for her. She still sleeps in the pack-n-play. Those are poms made from tissue paper. I made them for her first birthday party, and they turned out so cute! And I finally made her valance from the fabric Mom bought when I was expecting.


These are some little flashcards I got free in the mail when I was expecting Eva. They are so cute, and go with her colors. We added the ribbon, and voila! Animal cuteness!



Next: We wanted to make her a tiny platform bed for thh toddler-sized mattress. And she needs a rug and closet doors. 🙂

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