The Ultimate Weight Solution


I just finished reading this book, written by Dr. Phil McGraw. It is SO very good!

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, this book WILL help you! It is not about the next fad diet, or getting skinny quick. Dr. Phil walks you through the traps you fall into, the way you think that sabatoges you, and the way food is placed in your home, office, and car. He helps you get to the bottom of how hard it really is to control your weight, and gives you the keys to mastering the techniques that work!

There is no quick solution! It is a lifestyle, and must be adopted one step at a time.

“Weight is managed, not cured.”

If you are to lose weight and get healthy, it will be because you work hard! Every day.

So if you struggle in this area, like I do, pick up a copy, or get one from the library. It will help you!

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