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His Workmanship

I was pondering Ephesians 2:10 today. It says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

I’m not much of a scholar, but as I pondered that first phrase, the Lord really spoke to me. “We are his workmanship.” That word workmanship in the Strong’s means “that which has been made a work.” We are his work. And His work never ends!

When I sew, it takes a while. Think of a quilt. I peruse magazines or pinterest to find a pattern I love. Then I look through many, many boxes of fabric I have stashed all over my house. Sometimes I agonize over the choices. I choose the main colors, and keep adding new fabrics in complementing hues. I take one away, compare, hold up, squint my eyes, take a step back. If I am really patient, I will walk away for a few hours, or even days. When I come back, my perspective is fresh and a decision is made.

Then the cutting begins. Strips and squares, rectangles and diamonds. Then hundreds of pieces are lying there, begging for reconstruction.

Next, the sewing. The most time-consuming part.

The the lining and batting are cut to size, and the quilting or tacking is finished.

Then that finishing binding is placed on the edges – my workmanship! A labor of love!

He works on me in the same way, expect with no edges unraveled, no mistakes to use that dreaded seam ripper on,  no regretting a fabric choice. His work is perfect. And I suspect He puts the final stitch in that binding as a saint crosses over into Heaven through death’s door. Made perfect. Not perfect in ourselves, perfect in Christ!

I’m so thankful He works on me with love, with patience, and with skill. He is making my life into a beautiful masterpiece that is beautiful because Christ lives in me!

When I make a quilt of other gift for someone, I want them to enjoy it, appreciate it, and hopefully they will take care of it. After all, it often takes several hours to make said gift. As Christ works on me, I need to take care of the work He is doing in my life. I need to do my best to make Him glad He spent His life’s blood for me!

“We are his workmanship…” what a thought!

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Three Reasons to Vote Barack Obama Out!

There they are!

Because I don’t want my children to grow up in a socialistic, communistic country (even if they pick their noses).

Because I don’t want them to have a president who hates God, tells lies, and doesn’t wear a suit coat!

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