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8 Wonderful Years


I cannot believe we have been married 8 years! Time surely has flown, just like everyone said it would. We have grown closer each year, and I can’t believe what a friend my husband has become. It’s so wonderful when you feel completely safe to tell whatever secrets you need to, and your husband will understand. Because he knows you.

Jamin is my forever Love. I am still so happy to be his wife. As we grow together, it’s amazing to much closer we become. The more I know him, the more I love him.

It’s so unreal how so many are getting divorced these days. I am so thankful for a husband who makes our marriage a priority, and who has chosen to work on it… together with me. After all, didn’t we promised God we would?





I love you, Jamin! I’m so glad you’re mine!


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He’s Still Workin’ on Me!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of refining on my heart. You know those times when you feel like God is stretching you and helping you grow. When He’s pointing out, “You really need to work on this!”

I love those times! Several nights ago, before our ladies’ banquet, I was pretty high strung! If something woke me in the night, I could not go to sleep for hours… for several nights in a row! On one such night, I was awake from about 1 am to around 4:30! I was so restless. I would read a few chapters in a book, then try to go to sleep. Then I would get up and get a drink, then try to go to sleep. Finally, I reached for my Bible and asked the Lord to give me something I needed in my life,… and then help me go to sleep!

I regularly get annoyed with people’s imperfections! As if I have room to talk. Nevertheless, it is a great fault of mine, and it is a recurring theme lately. I was reading in the book of James about the tongue that night. About how we bless and curse with the same mouth! We bless God, then we curse man (or get annoyed with them)… “My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”

It was as if the Lord wrote that directly for me that night. “Joy, you ought not do that!” Others are made “after the similitude of God” just like me. We are all made and loved by God!

How do I feel when my kids fight with each other? How do I feel when they get annoyed and impatient with each other? I really don’t like it! In fact, I hate it! I want them to love each other and help each other when they need help. It breaks my heart when they don’t.  So if I, as a mother with a sin nature, can feel that way about my children, how much more a perfect God? He wants His children to get along with each other. Be patient with each other.

The Lord gently rebuked me that night. I was so glad He spoke so clearly to me… so excited that I couldn’t sleep!

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