Life is filled with changes. I don’t handle the big ones well. I remember my last piano lesson. It was sad. I cried when I left. I loved my teacher so much and had spent 30 minutes with her virtually every week for several years. It was hard.

I remember going to college. I was only an hour from home, but I was homesick for days and days… I contemplated going home in the middle of the night on that first night.

I remember moving to Michigan, 13 hours from home. It was SO hard.

But the Lord helped through every stage of my life. Every time I’ve had to transition, He has been there. It’s not easy, for we are human and that’s our nature.

It’s time to transition again.

I remember all four of my grandparents. I’m so glad I got to know them all pretty well! But the one I have always been closest to is my precious Granny Heidel. I remember going to her house after school… as far back as I can remember. We would always go to that brown metal cabinet and get Cheez Whiz and Ritz crackers. She loved to feed us. I remember her red Jello popsicles. Pure yum! I remember how she would always sit at her quilt frames and quilt. She was always quilting. Always! I remember how she always loved Pawpaw, and how she stood by him and was so, so sweet. I remember her always telling me what a special little girl I was. She told me what a precious little man I married and how pretty my boys were.

Life is all changing. That stage of Granny’s life is complete. She has Alzheimer’s. She’s had it for a little while, but has gotten worse lately. Also her balance is bad and she got to where she was falling… a lot. That’s not safe. So, she is now in the nursing home. On a good day, she is fine being there. She says they are good to her. But she doesn’t understand why she is there. She sometimes thinks she’s in a house. Sometimes she thinks she has done something bad to someone and is there because she is in trouble. She still knows us.

I saw her in the nursing home for the first time this week since we are states away. It was so sad. She cried as she hugged me. Throughout the visit, she repeated a couple stories. Mom explained to her again that she is not there because she hurt someone. I cried when I left. It is so sad! She has been such a precious woman all her life and it’s hard to see her suffer.

I know God is with her. She will be fine. God will help us all through this transition.

 A reunion is coming in a beautiful City, where she’ll remember. šŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Change…

  1. Oh Joy you are so right, there is a great Day coming for us all. My own sweet grandma had the disease too, and she didn't know me the last few years of her life, it was so sad for me. I was her oldest grandchild and I felt we shared a special bond, someday she will know me again when shes see's me. PTL!!

  2. My Grandmother too. The day she didn’t know me was one of the saddest days of my life. You will know me the next time we see each other!

  3. I meant to say she will know me! I suppose you will too!

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