Good Enough

This post is especially for my mom/wife friends. Those of us who stay at home have an endless job.

I have a gazillion jobs! I am a cook. It is my responsibility to daily feed my family 3 or more times. I defer to chicken nuggets way too many times!

I am a housekeeper. This one gets my goat! I have OCD and need to see a therapist probably, but I can’t stand the clutter! It drives me bananas! A few weeks ago, I was bragging all over facebook about how clean my house was, and it was! It was beautiful for a couple weeks, but when you have children, it’s not long before the perfection all comes crashing down. I wasn’t bragging like I had it all together. I was bragging that it was clean “right now.” I knew it wouldn’t last long and it made me happy while it was clean. 🙂

I am a laundry woman. We won’t even go there.

I am a mommy. I need to spend positive time with my kids. Not only do I clean, dress, feed and tuck them in. I kiss boo-boos and open drinks that are too tight, and reach toys that are too high on the shelf. I read to, and explain. Times three.

I am an organizer. Of every member of my family. I find missing, or lazily mislaid objects. I remind. I coordinate our Easter and Christmas outfits. I decide it’s time for another family picture. I write “light bulbs” on the shopping list.

I am a wife. I am my husband’s greatest encourager and his best friend. It takes my energy to be what he needs me to be.

Then, there are my non-home responsibilities. I have 9 piano students now and I am loving it. But it takes time. Some weeks, it takes preparation. I teach Sunday School. I try to plan my lesson early in the week. I try to make it fun for my kids. I work at it. But sometimes it’s Saturday night…

I am the church pianist. That takes time. It is a job I love. But I don’t have the time I would really love to put into it.

Sometimes I just want to scream, for I cannot fit all my duties neatly onto a piece of paper. My days don’t start at 8:00 and have designated time slots for every job. I don’t get a lunch break. I don’t have employees under me (although I would take some if anybody wants to volunteer!). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ALL my jobs! But every woman has a few moments every day when she just needs… a Dr. Pepper!

And guess what? Some days I don’t accomplish one thing… and I feel useless. Useless to my husband, my kids, my church, even my God. Some days the children don’t get one green vegetable. Some days, my sheets need to be changed. Some days my children are still in their pajamas at supper, I am too, for that matter. Some Sundays, I don’t have a fresh new offertory to play. Some weeks go by, and we don’t have a family day. And yes, some days go by and I don’t read my Bible. I constantly feel “not good enough” in all my jobs.

Some days I want to give up. (Not permanently, just a chocolate break will do!)

It is in those desperate days I am reminded that I cannot do it in my own strength. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” I really can’t be a good Mom without God. I cannot find time to practice the piano without God. I cannot plan a healthy menu without God’s leading. I need Him. He can make me “good enough.” For when I live in His strength and do my best, I am “good enough.”

And that’s good enough for me!

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2 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. Amen. Those who think they "can" are the saddest ones to me, because they will always be disappointed. Good post Joy and a good place to be!

  2. Great post, Joy!

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