Ready for the Hospital… Anytime now… Anytime…

It hit me very suddenly that if I went into labor, I would not be prepared. Even though the due date is three weeks away, it could happen. (I know it’s too good to be true, but it’s theoretically possible.) I could just imagine us rushing around in the middle of the night, looking for things we needed, looking for the suitcase. Waking up the boys, putting clothes on them, trying to think of who to call in the middle of the night. Kind of like a nightmare.
I put together a hospital list, and now we’re ready. Our clothes are in the suitcase, all zipped up, ready to go. Our toiletries are in a tote bag, hanging on the bathroom door. We use things out of it, then put them back in. And I have a list of things we need to grab on the way out… like our phone, laptop, and a pillow for Jamin.
I’m still waiting for Eva’s diaper bag to come site to store, so she’s packed with our stuff. I can’t wait to dress her.
Her coming-home outfit:
And I wanted to do something for the boys, so we’d be a cutesy family in the hospital. I bought shirts and iron-on letters at Hobby Lobby, and ta-da!

Now we’re ready… anytime now, little Eva!
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2 thoughts on “Ready for the Hospital… Anytime now… Anytime…

  1. Very sweet. I love it!

  2. Love the coming home outfit!! 🙂

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