Getting Ready for Pink!

I recently did a LOT of sewing for a summer street fair in our town. I mean, I sewed for months! I enjoyed it, but it was stressful and my house and kids got sadly neglected. The festival was June 9-11. Glad it’s over! 🙂

Then the boys and I spent most of a week with Mom. It was so nice to relax. After that, we went to Virginia, where Jamin and I helped with his dad’s church’s VBS. It was a lot of fun, but I must say it’s a little harder to get into it at 35 weeks pregnant!

Now that it’s all over… I’m home, being Mommy, being a wife. The house is clean. I cooked lunch today. The laundry is not all over the house. It’s folded, in drawers. Ahh….

Now I’m getting ready for Eva. And the boys have been helping me!

Laundry time:

Blankets all washed in Dreft and ready to wrap her up in!

We had to invade the boys’ closet. She takes up a lot of space with her little stylin’ wardrobe:

For the first three months: 29 blankets, 4 quilts, 37 dresses, 22 pants and skirts, 3 sweaters, 52 onesies and shirts, and 41 gowns and sleepers. I think she has enough!

We are SO excited to meet her!! 36 weeks and counting…. 😀

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One thought on “Getting Ready for Pink!

  1. Love all the pictures!And poor, little girl who hardly has a thing to wear:)

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