Remember the Alamo

The Alamo was amazing. We were able to spend more time here on Tuesday, and read everything. First of all, the structure we call “the Alamo” was the church of the entire fort. It was only a small part of the original “Alamo.” Now it is a shrine inside. There are a few displays, and a lot of flower wreaths. You are not allowed to take pictures inside, and gentlemen are asked to remove their hats.

This is the view from the street.

This is from inside, but a different section than the above picture. This was the short barrack, an original structure… I think. It was huge and full of displays… guns and knives, pictures. Did you know there were survivors of the Alamo? Women and children who were there with their families were not killed. Amazingly, they were in a room in the church and when the soldiers found them, they did not kill them. After it was all over, Santa Anna gave them each a few dollars and a blanket and told them to leave.

Unbelievable Oak tree!

These are some diagrams of the original compound. The small structure top right is the church.

An actual cannon used in the Battle of the Alamo

The next day we went to see an IMAX about the Alamo. Then we came back once again. The story was unbelievable. They were fighting for the freedom of Texas and it seemed so vain. But it kept Santa Anna’s army away from Sam Houston and his army long enough to build that army. They defeated Santa Anna just a short time later!
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