Take a Hike!

Last Friday, Jamin unexpectedly got the day off! So, we decided to make a family day of it! He had taken a hike a couple years ago with our pastor before we moved here. So, we decided to try it out. We had a backpack carrier for the baby (that I found at a thrift store for $8!), and we thought Jackson would be able to walk for a while. We bought some bottled water, packed a picnic and off we went!

The carrier was actually pretty comfortable. But with Timothy, the pack itself, and our waters and camera, it was probably about 24 or 25 pounds. I carried him for the first little bit. The trail itself was a little overgrown. At times I was a little claustrophobic, worried about “critters” just waiting for someone to come along so they could touch me! Ick! But, nothing like that happened, thankfully! J

We crossed the highway, then pretty soon crossed the creek. At that time, I gladly handed my heavy pack over to Jamin. We went on. Jamin said, “It seems like we should be going up by now.” We didn’t.

In a little while, he said, “I just didn’t think it was this far.” By this time, Jackson was finished walking. He wouldn’t admit to being tired, but he was almost crying. He said his legs hurt. Pretty soon, we did start going up. Really up. Steeply up. UP! We started seriously questioning our sanity, as to why we brought our two really small children on a hike! We were so glad we brought water!

I had been carrying Jackson a lot until this point. Jamin actually put him on his shoulders for part of the time, even though he already had the pack. We had to stop and rest in the middle of UP.

Timothy fell asleep when we were almost to the top. He was so cute! His little arms hanging, his little head bobbing. When we reached the top, we sat the pack down and he kept sleeping until we were about 20 minutes back down the trail!

After UP, it leveled out. It really turned into a nice hike. I’m glad it was challenging. There was a pretty view at the top. Nothing like the mountains where we grew up, but beautiful!

Buzzardsroost Lookout

Down was a lot easier. Although the steep part of DOWN hurt almost as much as UP. J We rested on the bridge when we were almost to the end of the trail.

At this point, the camera died. No pictures of our fun picnic, sitting on a quilt in the shade by the lake. It was such a sweet and precious family day. Those are my favorite kind of days. I think we spent around $3.00 for drinks. Not bad for all those memories, huh?

We finished off our family day with a pizza and a movie.

And the next day, we were sore. J

So, what did we do the next Friday he had off? We went for a hike! J It’s becoming a fun hobby for us! And we went for one today too… so…

Take a hike!

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2 thoughts on “Take a Hike!

  1. Looks wonderful! And Tim is the best hiker ever!!!

  2. Take a hike, huh? Not very nice. 🙂 Looks like fun, sort of. I love looking at overlooks towards the mountains, but I don't care for hiking. But it looked like a sweet day. I love the picture of Timothy asleep…precious. Jackson just looks all grown up 🙂

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