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Happy 30th, Jamin!!

Jamin’s birthday was Wednesday. He turned 30! I tried to plan ahead for a great birthday. Well, it seems to never be the right week to be rolling in the dough. So I decided to go for a memory instead of a great gift! 🙂 I took my sweet hubby golfing! He has only been a few times since we’ve been married, and he was really excited to go. No, it was not a surprise. I can hardly hold in a surprise like that!

So now… I have golfing fever. We actually went to the driving range this morning to see if I could actually drive the ball. Jamin is so sweet. He is saving his birthday money to help buy me my own set of clubs. 😉 It was a great day. I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband. I don’t deserve him!

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Happy Birthday, Timothy!

July 23rd was Timothy’s birthday! I cannot believe it has been a year! He has been such a good and precious baby… not perfect, but close! 🙂 He is walking now. He can make it across the room. He can say, “Mama, Dada, thank you, ball,” and lots of little blubbers. He quints his eyes when he laughs, and throws his little head back. We are so blessed with him in our lives!

We had a little party to celebrate!!

My cake experiment:

He cried all through “Happy Birthday” and didn’t want to eat any cake. 🙂

But he loves his new swing! 🙂

We were outside after the “Happy Birthday” song disaster, and Jackson went in for a minute. He came out dragging Timothy’s new swing. He said, “I found it. It was wrapped up.” 🙂

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Timothy’s Hair Cut

Big boy!
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Back to June :)

Well, since I am WAY behind on blogging, I’ll just do a little at a time. 🙂 The first Sunday of June was Friend Day in our church. Jeanene and her family came to take part in that. They stayed in our house, and we had so much fun!
Jarrod with Jamin, getting some honey. 🙂

The next week, we ALL went to our Boyer parents’ house. It was a great week of just hanging around and making memories together.
Jordan with Granny Umberger
Taking Jackson for a ride late one night.
Jordan’s morning look 😉
Eating lunch out

At Grayson Highlands National Park. We spent the day there, hiking and looking at the mountains and streams! 🙂
They hiked all the way down! Two little peas in a pod. 🙂
The best in-laws in the world!

Playing in the creek
Jackson with Grammy and Pawpaw
Chad and Jada

On Saturday, all the family got together on the Umberger side. I met a few of the cousins I have never met. Everyone was there except one wife and kids. It was a fun day.

Petting Pawpaw’s oxen 🙂
“The picture” of the grandkids… all in the same spot as 10 or so years before.
Jackson and Jordan playing
Uncle Dale and Timothy. Uncle Dale loves to play with the kids… and they love him!

Our whole family.

We were so blessed to have such a wonderful week. We have a great family and we thank God for them!
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