Ladies’ Banquet 2010

Our ladies’ banquet this year was WONDERFUL!! We rented a beautiful banquet hall, that was decorated for us. It turned out so nice and saved us so much work! We were completely filled to capacity. We were prepared for 75, and ended up with 77 or 79 ladies.
Our speakers were two pastor’s wives from the area, and they both did a tremendous job, even the songs flowed together to make a great evening. The Lord really spoke to my heart! I’m so thankful for the wonderful time we had!
Our tables!

Alicia, reading a hilarious story about women!
Melanie, giving a testimony about what is beautiful about her pastor’s wife, Cassie Brown.
Kay, giving a testimony about her pastor’s wife, Susie Montgomery.
Susie Montgomery, speaking to us. What a great lesson she had for us! She taught about how we should be grateful for those who had invested in our lives, and how we should do the same for others, loving them unconditionally.
Okay! Then, the fun started. During all the closing statements and prayer, cell phones were going off everywhere. There was a huge storm coming in, and a tornado warning in the area. We actually found out later, that a twister had touched down just a few miles from where we were! The Lord kept us safe! So…. many ladies started home and had no problem. But many went home and got stranded in people’s driveways until 1 am! Flash floods closed all three roads leading back into West Union. Around 11:30 or 12:00, we decided to check into a motel! So there were seven of us in adjoining rooms. What a wild evening! To top it off, they did not have any ground-floor rooms, or an elevator!! OR clean stairwells. They had been remodeling and there was drywall dust all over the stairways. We offered to carry Alicia up, but she didn’t trust us, I guess. 🙂
Crazy, crazy!! So, did you miss our ladies’ banquet this year? Well, you REALLY missed it!! 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Ladies’ Banquet 2010

  1. I trusted you, I really did. I just didn't want you all to have end up at the chiropractor!! Anyway, tt was good for my muscles.:)The meeting was SO wonderful. Thank you, Joy, for all of your help. I couldn't have done it without you. You are such a blessing to me. Love you!!

  2. Likely story! 😉 Well, I enjoy being in the thick of it. I wish I could do more to help. And YOU are a great blessing to me, as well. "Iron sharpeneth iron."

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