Boy Update

And I couldn’t blog without posting a good old-fashioned update on the boys! They are growing SO fast! Jackson is getting so grown-up, talking endlessly.
Helping Daddy work!

My sweet Timothy. He is 10 months now! Unbelievable! He is fast, getting into everything! And he eats everything!

He always gets this wild look after a bath! I think it’s priceless!
Every day, my patience is tested! I am reminded of how patient God must be with me every day!
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3 thoughts on “Boy Update

  1. Awww….cutie pie boys!

  2. Joy, those pictures are so sweet. Timothy is an absolute doll. I'm trying to keep my blog updated, so keep in touch. I emailed you, too yesterday. I want to hear from you 🙂 Miss you…love you, K

  3. Hi Joy!Sorry that I have not been around in awhile:)The boys are getting so big, and are sooo cute!The ladies meeting sounded like a blast. We are preparing for one on the 17th… so excited!

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