My "finished" wall

Life without the internet has taken its toll on me. Actually, I’m kind of enjoying the freedom from it, but I’m sad not to cut up on facebook and take expert care of my blog. (Who am I kidding? I was only blogging once a week! 🙂 But, here I am for an update.
We have been in our new house for a little over a month now. Things are unpacked and in place for the most part. Our carport is loaded down with stuff though. I still need to go through it all. We had a giant yard sale and got rid of a lot of our “junk.” It’s nice to have that out of the way. I am going to blog about each room of my house as I get it finished. But there just isn’t too much of it that is truly “finished.” But I will post one picture! This is my piano wall in the living room. That wall is “finished.” (Except for crown molding and new baskets for all my music, and baseboards… see nothing is ever “finished.”) I guess I am “satisfied” with this wall at this point. 🙂
Actually, I think it’s gorgeous. I love to turn the lamps on and just look at it. 🙂

Jackson helping Daddy “mow.” 🙂 He LOVES to help Daddy!

(Dear grandparents… the blades aren’t on)
We’re making a cute little garden spot in our backyard. We’re condensing some of our multiple flowers and shrubs into this one little section. We put our hammock, and Jamin used the timbers from our 50 flower beds to make a small split rail fence. We also transplanted some Rose of Sharon bushes to make a hedge for privacy from our neighbors. 🙂 It’s going to be so cute!

A recent family visit!! 🙂

And then, there are boys….

And that’s life in May! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know you were here!
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10 thoughts on “My "finished" wall

  1. I love your blog and facebook and I have missed you. I love all the pics, your home and yard are beautiful.

  2. Love the pictures Joy! Can't wait to see more rooms! The boys are adorable!

  3. Loving the red wall. So cute

  4. everything looks like its going great! I can't wait to come see y'all and see all the changes in person 🙂

  5. I was here… Looks great!

  6. YEAH!! that wall is beautiful!!glad you're still out there 🙂 look forward to seeing your rooms as you 'get satisfied' with them 🙂 i could probably take a picture once a month (or less) of the times i feel my house is presentable— how sad is that?!?!?!?!

  7. Love the piano wall!!!! And, o my I miss you all!

  8. Beautiful Wall! and beautiful pictures of your sweet little men :o)

  9. Great pictures! Jackson looks so big with his hair cut 😦 I love your back yard…wish we had one…lol The piano wall is gorgeous. Timothy is a little doll. He seems to be a little smiley boy, too. I miss you and love you, Kristan

  10. your boys are so adorable joy, and i think the piano wall is gorgeous too. good job, you are my hero! we have lived in our house 5months and i'm not sure i have a wall i am "finished" with yet. you inspire me to get busy again 🙂

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