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Boy Update

And I couldn’t blog without posting a good old-fashioned update on the boys! They are growing SO fast! Jackson is getting so grown-up, talking endlessly.
Helping Daddy work!

My sweet Timothy. He is 10 months now! Unbelievable! He is fast, getting into everything! And he eats everything!

He always gets this wild look after a bath! I think it’s priceless!
Every day, my patience is tested! I am reminded of how patient God must be with me every day!
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Ladies’ Banquet 2010

Our ladies’ banquet this year was WONDERFUL!! We rented a beautiful banquet hall, that was decorated for us. It turned out so nice and saved us so much work! We were completely filled to capacity. We were prepared for 75, and ended up with 77 or 79 ladies.
Our speakers were two pastor’s wives from the area, and they both did a tremendous job, even the songs flowed together to make a great evening. The Lord really spoke to my heart! I’m so thankful for the wonderful time we had!
Our tables!

Alicia, reading a hilarious story about women!
Melanie, giving a testimony about what is beautiful about her pastor’s wife, Cassie Brown.
Kay, giving a testimony about her pastor’s wife, Susie Montgomery.
Susie Montgomery, speaking to us. What a great lesson she had for us! She taught about how we should be grateful for those who had invested in our lives, and how we should do the same for others, loving them unconditionally.
Okay! Then, the fun started. During all the closing statements and prayer, cell phones were going off everywhere. There was a huge storm coming in, and a tornado warning in the area. We actually found out later, that a twister had touched down just a few miles from where we were! The Lord kept us safe! So…. many ladies started home and had no problem. But many went home and got stranded in people’s driveways until 1 am! Flash floods closed all three roads leading back into West Union. Around 11:30 or 12:00, we decided to check into a motel! So there were seven of us in adjoining rooms. What a wild evening! To top it off, they did not have any ground-floor rooms, or an elevator!! OR clean stairwells. They had been remodeling and there was drywall dust all over the stairways. We offered to carry Alicia up, but she didn’t trust us, I guess. 🙂
Crazy, crazy!! So, did you miss our ladies’ banquet this year? Well, you REALLY missed it!! 🙂
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Creation Museum 2010

We were invited to go to the Creation Museum last week with Alicia’s home school group. These ladies are all library moms, which I have recently started to wade into. They are a great group of people. We were excited to go. Jamin didn’t have to work, so off we went!!
Timothy was a little nervous around this cute fuzzy cow. 🙂

Jackson was pretty brave and wanted to pet the goat!
Still sweethearts!
Our family! Precious times!
Me and my sweet Timothy
Two boys!
We had a great day. We were absolutely exhausted. We left around 4:00. It was a gorgeous day! We all packed picnics lunches, and just had a terrific time!
Then, we went by Lowe’s and bought a mirror and vanity light! Yea! I will have to post bathroom pictures soon. It is SO pretty!!
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My "finished" wall

Life without the internet has taken its toll on me. Actually, I’m kind of enjoying the freedom from it, but I’m sad not to cut up on facebook and take expert care of my blog. (Who am I kidding? I was only blogging once a week! 🙂 But, here I am for an update.
We have been in our new house for a little over a month now. Things are unpacked and in place for the most part. Our carport is loaded down with stuff though. I still need to go through it all. We had a giant yard sale and got rid of a lot of our “junk.” It’s nice to have that out of the way. I am going to blog about each room of my house as I get it finished. But there just isn’t too much of it that is truly “finished.” But I will post one picture! This is my piano wall in the living room. That wall is “finished.” (Except for crown molding and new baskets for all my music, and baseboards… see nothing is ever “finished.”) I guess I am “satisfied” with this wall at this point. 🙂
Actually, I think it’s gorgeous. I love to turn the lamps on and just look at it. 🙂

Jackson helping Daddy “mow.” 🙂 He LOVES to help Daddy!

(Dear grandparents… the blades aren’t on)
We’re making a cute little garden spot in our backyard. We’re condensing some of our multiple flowers and shrubs into this one little section. We put our hammock, and Jamin used the timbers from our 50 flower beds to make a small split rail fence. We also transplanted some Rose of Sharon bushes to make a hedge for privacy from our neighbors. 🙂 It’s going to be so cute!

A recent family visit!! 🙂

And then, there are boys….

And that’s life in May! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know you were here!
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