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If you have a bad experience…

you may as well blog about it!

On the way home from our Tennessee trip:

Yep, we had a flat tire. A major flat tire. It was almost a blowout. Thank the Lord traffic wasn’t heavy. A safety person stopped almost right away, and we were all safe. 🙂

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Ladies’ Tea

Jamin and I were able to go to the Bible Conference at Temple Baptist in Powell this year! I was so excited to go! We were there Monday night for the alumni banquet and the evening service. Then Tuesday afternoon, there was a ladies’ tea. It was so much fun!! I really enjoyed it. I got to see some college friends. And Mrs. Schaap was there and she was the special speaker. The Lord really convicted me about how He loves me unconditionally and how we should love others unconditionally. She said if we store up enough of God’s love, we can never stay unhappy. It was a wonderful time!

Mrs. Sexton welcoming everyone to the tea.

My sweet friend from college, Ruth. Ruth and I traveled together and sang for the college one summer. She is such a sweet friend.

Alicia, and Sue (our deacon’s wife)

The beautiful centerpiece (a bad picture of it 🙂

Yummy food. It was all so pretty. And the orchid was edible. I tasted it. It was kind of like lettuce… not much to it. 🙂

Yullie Stancil leading a few choruses

Mrs. Schaap teaching us

Alicia and I. I thank God for my great friend!

Angie Tomlinson and I. Angie taught me to proofread during the short time I worked for the church. And she and her husband traveled all summer when I was with the college trio.

Mrs. Schaap and I. I’m so thankful I was able to cross paths with her.

It was such a great time. I just love getting together with God’s people.

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Project "Love Our Home" Post #8

Long time, no blog.

We have moved, so we have no internet. 🙂 I am missing it terribly. But, we moved!! 🙂 Yea! I have a few pictures. It has all been a whirlwind. Our last inspection went well, and everything was signed off as “complete.”

Friday, April 2, we sanded the floors. It was a tough job. I actually made a run to Lowe’s (just me and Timothy) to get more sanding discs and polyurethane. When I got to the checkout, my debit card wouldn’t work. It was so humiliating. We had money, we knew. So I called Jamin, and we eventually came up with a plan. Long story short, I drove to the next town, withdrew cash and headed back to Lowe’s, all the while, toting my heavy son. I bought myself a beautiful hanging pot of snapdragons for all my trouble. It took ALL afternoon!

The floors were in bad shape, but we only had so long to get them finished to where we could walk on them. So, we decided to work on them as we can, and we moved in. I know, I know, we’ll never do it if we move in. But you can only pay to live in two places for so long.

That night, we stayed and worked until about 3 am. We put Jackson in the pack-n-play, and Timothy went down in the bathtub with some quilts. They slept so soundly through all the sanding. We chewed gum, drank caffeine, and tried to be nice to each other. The days of staying up all night are SO over for us! 🙂

We moved Tuesday, April 6th. Mom drove up to help, and help she did! She practically cleaned the whole house as we moved everything out of it. And Bro. Jimmy and Jamin did all the carrying. I hate moving! (ten thousand exclamation points!) But, it is so worth it. 🙂

Now, this picture is totally disgusting!! But, I think it is a funny story! Jamin packed a few things into the very back of the truck that had been outside. Some tools, buckets, stuff like that. A mouse came flying out of the bucket and ran into the back of the truck, who knows where. So, there was no way to get it out. When we started unloading everything, I kept a very sharp eye out for it. When there were just a few boxes and the piano left, I saw it in there!! Eek!! So, when they were ready, Jamin and Bro. Jimmy ran him out of his hiding spot. Jamin got his foot on it, and Bro. Jimmy stomped and squished him! Yuck! But I’m so glad he didn’t get into my house!!!
The bees also made it safely in to the backyard. And I think they are thrilled with all the beautiful trees, flowers and shrubs we inherited. 🙂

So, now we’re getting all set up. Here are just a few pictures of the rooms that are almost together:

I love this boys’ room! There are still some things to be done. But I love seeing the curtains up, and all the little things I’ve collected and made for their room! 🙂
So, I guess we’re there. We’ve “loved our home.” It’s still in need of a lot of love and a lot of work. But we’re moved in. I’m so glad we’re moved and most of the hard work is over. It has been a great adventure. Thank you to all of you who have made suggestions, given encouragement, and just stopped by to check in. It really does encourage and inspire me! I’ll be posting lots more as I decorate… the fun part starts now! 🙂

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