Project "Love Our Home" Post #7

This has been a very profitable week! It started out slow and discouraging, but the end is great! Everything is getting finished next week, Lord willing.
The outside of our cute little place. I can’t wait until everything blooms!

Jackson is really getting into the spirit of things. He calls this “chaining” because he calls every saw a chain saw. 🙂 So cute!

We had some helpers this week. We borrowed three of the Reagan clan to help us out. Caleb helped Jamin hold things to saw, Isaiah played with Jackson a lot (Jackson idolizes him), and Briley held Timothy a lot. They were all dying to paint, so …
Caleb got a little carried away.

Lunch time

They were good helpers! Briley especially hung in there and painted about a closet and a half by herself. They’re great kids, we love ’em!

Okay, every time I walk down the hall, I just love it! When I get to this part, I just always think, “this is so pretty.”

So, maybe it’s just me! But I love it. All the trim is nice and crisp. The paint has all been touched up. It looks beautiful!! It was bright yellow (with smoke streaks) and dark wood trim! So, doesn’t it look beautiful?!

This is the hallway looking into our bedroom. We scraped the paint off the glass today and it is just perfect!

Finally starting on the living room! This room has been piled with tools, trim, extra drywall, insulation, you name it.. forever! So, we’re just now getting around to it. I painted the window and door trim.
Then the walls!! Ta-da!! This is the living room looking into the kitchen. I purposely made them match since you see through. I love the look!

I love it! I’ve wanted a red living room for a long time! Now I just need a new couch! 🙂

My kitchen! I love the brick! Jamin made a little shelf over the stove for me. It looks so nice. There’s no pipe for exhaust to go through, so we really don’t need a hood over the stove. I think the shelf is really great! My husband is so handy! I can stack my cookbooks and nicer-looking stuff up there. 🙂
While I was painting the living room, this happened to my hand! 🙂 I promise, it just happened!

My sweet Jackson on the way home this evening. He’s so tired.
What we accomplished:
  • Painting the Living room
  • Painting All the door frames, window frames, and some doors
  • Finishing the kitchen (minus a little caulk)
That doesn’t sound like much, but it is. Everything takes two or three times longer to do than we think. 🙂 Plus, how many of you have ever painted a window?! It is so tedious! Takes forever!
What we still need to do:
  • Touch up bathroom paint (just in one spot)
  • Put up crown molding in the bathroom
  • Paint two closets
  • Sand all floors
  • Put up baseboards
  • Clean, and move in!!!
It feels endless, but we are almost there! I think I said that last week!
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One thought on “Project "Love Our Home" Post #7

  1. It's really looking good! Can't wait to see how you decorate it!

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