Project "Love Our Home" Post #4

We had a busy week of work, just the two of us. 🙂 We worked some Monday. Then Jamin had other work to do Tuesday, so I stayed home. It was much needed, and the boys LOVED being home to just play… all day! 🙂 Then Wednesday, we worked, and we stayed at the house until about Friday at 7:00pm. (We did go to church Wednesday night 🙂 Talk about tired… and dirty! (Yes, the tub is in, but we are trying to get it caulked so we could only run the water “gently” so it didn’t splash everywhere!)
The living room primed… we will see some RED in here in a few more days! 🙂

The kitchen where the awkward air conditioner used to be: it was a hole cut through the wall and the a/c unit was held up with plywood and stuff on the outside… eww…
The cabinets are getting ready for a makeover! Now the doors are all removed… the hardware is all removed and has been spray painted silver. It looks nice! 🙂
Now for the bathroom… SO much has been done in there. It’s really coming together.
Bead board going in:
It’s starting to look like a room!Time for some paint!!
Hello BLUE!! How bright you are! We are debating over this. It’s supposed to be navy. Hopefully it got darker after we left! 🙂 If not we will re-paint. 😉

Our bedroom finished. 🙂 Beautiful! (When I say “finished,” I mean the walls are finished. 🙂 We still need to paint all the trim, and sand the floors, and put the baseboards up. Then we will be “finished.”)

Timothy in a rare sweet moment. He is starting to get used to being there. He can be happy for more than 5 minutes now while not being held.

And that’s our adventure for this week. We accomplished a LOT. 🙂
What we accomplished:
  • Getting walls in the bathroom
  • Installing bead board and painting the bathroom 🙂
  • Getting cabinet doors removed and hardware painted
  • Priming the living room
  • Getting a second coat of Kilz on the living room and kitchen ceilings
  • Getting the boys’ room primed minus one wall (We discovered some mold, so Jamin took out 18″ all along one wall in their room, and put new drywall back in. It has been patched now, but needs another layer before we can prime… oh the surprises!!)
I feel the need to leave out my “what we still need to do” section at this time. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
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One thought on “Project "Love Our Home" Post #4

  1. It's coming together!! Yeah!! You all have worked so hard. I am proud of you!

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