Project "Love Our Home" Post #3

We have done a lot of work this week! Some highlights:
Jamin’s study painted! It looks great! It is a little bright in the picture. It’s a little more “hunter” and a little less “grass.” (Although the name of the color is “Fresh Green Grass.”) šŸ™‚

Our bedroom is painted. It is beautiful!
This is the kitchen ceiling being painted. The previous owners were smokers, enough said. So it now has a nice coat of Kilz. šŸ™‚
Drywall going back into the bathroom. It’s starting to look like a room again. šŸ™‚
So much measuring!
Bathroom ceiling “before.” It needs a coat of Kilz, a new light and new fan.
Jackson loves to “measure.” He kept us smiling and light-hearted as he spouted off “3-5-9, 3-3-9.”
After a long week of work, we accomplished:
  • Painting the study
  • Painting our bedroom (Now, it doesn’t sounds like much painting happened, but if you had seen these walls… you would know why we were only able to finish two rooms. šŸ˜‰ It is amazing how good they look now!!!)
  • Painting all ceilings except the bathroom
  • Getting in the shower/tub, toilet and most of the drywall in the bathroom
The painted rooms still need:
  • The baseboards and trim painted
  • Closets painted
  • Floors sanded
Mom and Dad have been wonderful this week. Jamin and I have a hard time getting much done with two little kids in tow, so a big thanks to our parents! We probably wouldn’t have done half this much without them here! All that work done… it’s a good feeling!!
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3 thoughts on “Project "Love Our Home" Post #3

  1. It is looking good! Can't wait to see all the "after" pictures.

  2. oh that is wonderful, Joy – what color did you paint in your bedroom? thanks for sharing!

  3. Tascha, the sage green is my bedroom. Amidst all the green, it was probably hard to tell. šŸ™‚

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