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A Post for May

I just haven’t had the heart for blogging lately. It seems so many things have happened, there’s no way I can catch up. I’ll just share a few!!

Jamin has wanted honeybees for a long time! He started talking to my Dad a couple years ago, and Dad got some. He is actually working on his fourth hive now. It’s just never been the right time for Jamin to get some. But he has made a few hives here and there, and bought a couple things “just in case.” Well, a family in our church called him up one night and there was a swarm in a tree in their yard. So we packed up some stuff and went over there. Jamin was able to get them into his hive!! You can see from the picture that he wasn’t totally prepared, with a mosquito net, and duct tape around his gloves!

I was so happy for him!! And it didn’t cost a penny.

I had a very sweet Mother’s Day…nothing extravagant, just precious and memorable. In the afternoon, we went to the park to take some pictures. I love my family!

Baby Timothy Dale is on the way. The due date is July 24th…it’s almost time!

Now, Jamin and Bro. Jimmy Reagan (our pastor) are in Kyrgyzstan on a missions trip. They left Monday, May 18, and will be home on June 2. This is a HUGE adjustment for me. I am such a dependent wife all the time. But being 31 weeks pregnant makes everything just a little harder. As my emotions escalated over the past few months, I decided I had better go to Mom’s while he’s gone, or lose my sanity. So I have spent this week at Mom’s. We’ve done all the fun stuff, shopping, eating out, getting my hair highlighted. But I miss Jamin in a very big way. I have been able to talk to him several times…that makes my day! Jackson is having a blast. Being a very indoor person, I have hardly ever taken him outside to play. But here, he’s played outside all week. He’s had so much fun, playing with “beep beeps.”

On Grandad’s tractor

Playing with cousin Zekkie

As always, thanks for stopping by!!

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