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Catching Up

Well, time to catch up. I get so aggravated when I check other blogs, only to find that they have not updated, so I’m updating mine so people don’t get aggravated with me.

Life has been busy lately, at home, at church, at play. Our car bit the dust recently. We have been pretty sad about it. I have had it since Spring 2002. *sniff, sniff* So Jamin’s parents offered to let us borrow one of their vehicles, so we took a trip to Virginia. Jackson did so well, playing with everyone. He warmed up quickly, and I was so happy to see everybody playing with him and talking to him. I didn’t take many pictures, but here’s one of Jackson eating some of Grammy’s Strawberry Jam. Yumm…….

Just at home. He loves to sit in things and climb on things.

Playing in a box of cars Daddy brought from Grammy and Pawpaw’s house. I think he played with these cars for almost an hour. 🙂

We love baths!

Mom and Dad came for a visit this past week. Jackson did great with them. He loved to play, and even be held!

Jackson has been practicing with a fork. He’s doing pretty good. I think it’s so cute.

Jackson already loves his baby BROTHER! We found out Friday about the baby. We are so excited to have another boy in our family!

This is Jackson today. It has been so beautiful. He loved being outside.

We’re still house shopping, but getting SO close. I am so excited to own a home.

Thanks for stopping by!

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