Jackson’s First Christmas

Oh, where to begin…

We are in Tennessee right now, having Christmas with my side of the family. We were in Virginia last week with Jamin’s. There is so much to blog about. I guess I will start with our Christmas at home before our trip.

It was Jackson’s first Christmas! We were so excited! We wanted everything to be so fun for him. But you know how it goes. They don’t care about the toys as much as the paper, ribbons, and I guess the coffee table in our case. 🙂

Jamin bought me a beautiful set of (real) pearls. It was a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. They are so beautiful! He also got me a gorgeous red coat. I’ve wanted one forever!

We had a wonderful family Christmas at home, and thank God for our sweet son. I didn’t include a picture of our three stockings together. They will be four next Christmas!

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5 thoughts on “Jackson’s First Christmas

  1. Congrats!!!!!! I am so happy for y’alll

  2. Congratulations, Joy! Love all your pictures!

  3. That was a very cute announcement!!:) I am glad you all had a good Christmas (and I love your pearls and coat!)

  4. Congratulations!!!!! :0)

  5. Fun times! Your pearls are beautiful. Wonderful news about a new sweet one! Love you! Congratulations!=)

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