Worth a Thousand Words

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8 thoughts on “Worth a Thousand Words

  1. These are ALL adorable pictures! What a great time we had!Love you,Mom

  2. The first couple of pictures remind me of Tyler…into everything!!=) Cute family pictures!! Adorable!

  3. I love that he is crawling and getting into everything. He will be walking soon and the messes grow with them – of course, you already know that because you have seen my house in that condition many times. That is the true test of friendship, you know, if you can see my house at it’s worst and still love me!:)

  4. So cute & funny! Such a fun age! Aiden loves the fridge too…I think it's a man thing 🙂

  5. Those are so good! I believe Mom has a picture of Jamin in the frig when he was a little guy. Very sweet! Love you all! Jeanene

  6. Busy, busy baby boy:) He looks so cute in his “tuke”… that’s Canadian for tobaggan.

  7. Pictures are so cute… and so real life!:)

  8. Oh my, looks like you have your hands full! By the way, you look GREAT! Loved the pictures. 😉

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