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Jackson, in Video

Here are the promised videos of Jackson. I think they are so cute!

Click to play 9 Months and Growing...
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Six random things about me:

1. I graduated from Crown College, and still think about the good memories and godly training every day! I love that place!

2. My great dream right now is to be a homeowner. We are looking at some houses right now, but just waiting for some things to fall into place.

3. I’m scared of spiders larger than 1″ diameter.

4. I love making quilts. I’m working on a special one for a Christmas present right now (but it may end up being for next Christmas).

5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a Mommy! My family is the most precious thing in my life.

6. I kind of miss UT football. (You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone.)

Thanks for reading! I will now tag: Becky, Joy S., and Kandice (not sure how many I’m supposed to tag).

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Scary and Sweet


Oh yes, this huge spider was in my bathroom Thursday. I was absolutely petrified! Jamin wasn’t home yet (of course), so I called him rather frantically, wondering what to do. I didn’t want to squish it with my foot or something, yuck! But I couldn’t leave it until Jamin got home, not with a baby crawling around. I finally got a great idea. I occasionally have ants in my kitchen sink. So instead of spending forever squishing each one, I just spray them with Lysol. So I hung up the phone and braved my way back into my bathroom and stood on top of the toilet seat. I set my Lysol to “stream” and sprayed away…

It was dead in a few minutes. I had to switch to some Grease Lightning when my Lysol ran low (I only started with about an inch anyway). So I was absolutely shaking like a leaf all over. But I managed to get a few pictures like a good little blogger. I’m glad it’s over. I left it for Jamin to see, and to pick up and throw away for me.

I can’t just post something nasty, so…


Click to play My Boy
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I have some more pictures and a few cute videos to post soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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Changing Fast

Jackson is changing so fast. He is almost 9 months old. He is crawling…everywhere…very fast! He is so much fun, but it is getting harder to keep up with him. He has just started pulling up onto his feet, he conquered the knees a while ago. He is talking and talking, too bad we don’t know what he’s saying. He can play pat-a-cake now. He is at such a fun stage, and we’re having a ball with him!

A sweet moment…

Jackson and Mommy…

Look at me!…

Playing with Mommy…

Sometimes we have to soothe ourselves…

Jackson’s new seat…

We have been amazed at Jackson’s truck sounds lately. We bought him his first truck the other day, so I wanted everyone to see him playing hard.

Click to play Jackson's First Truck
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We Did It!

Ever since Jackson was about three days old, he was a good sleeper. Even from such a tiny thing he would only wake up once, maybe twice each night. Then, when he was four months old, he got sick one night. He had a fever, and a tummy ache. I had to hold him all night. If I laid him down he would scream. He was fine the next day but since then he has wanted to nurse every few hours. Some nights I would feel like I got zero rest because he needed to fill his tummy about five times before morning. Oh the exaustion of it all! I know, you BabyWise parents out there are thinking there is a simple solution to all this.
When he was tiny, he had a lot of tummy aches. There is no way I would lay my infant son down to cry himself to sleep. And the layout of our house forced us to keep him in our room, too. And recently I had to take the bumper pads off his crib because he was getting the strings wrapped around his arms and legs. So after that, he could just look up and see me in the middle of the night. Of course he would want me, and cry uncontrollably if I didn’t get him right away.
This past Saturday, we moved his crib right outside our bedroom door. It’s sort of a suite-style set-up and we have used that outside room for Jamin’s study. But since Saturday night, he has slept all night every night! I am so excited and so rested. Two of those nights he has woken up and cried around 3, but only for a few minutes…because I’m not there for him to look at. Not only am I resting better and don’t dread bedtime, but he is resting better, too! I was starting to worry about him not sleeping enough. So I must say I am thankful because…
We did it!
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Just For Sweetness

Me and my baby:

Jackson and Mimi

Jackson and Grandad

This is an old photo of my dad. We see a slight resemblance there, don’t you? Of course, everyone thinks Jackson looks like someone different. 😉

Happy Wednesday!

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Jackson, in Pictures

Jackson is doing great, already 8 months old! It’s so hard to believe. He has just started crawling, now he can sit up from laying down, he can feed himself little bites of food, and he’s a little chatterbox. He’s so much fun!

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Creation Museum

This is a great museum! A little expensive, but worth it (once anyway). 🙂 Here are a few pictures from our fun day:

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