I Survived

I’m sure most of you heard about the earthquake on the news. Well, I survived it!

Jackson was restless through the night Thursday into early Friday morning. So I was sleeping pretty light, and all of a sudden my candlesticks on the wall started rattling, the bed started shaking. I slung my hand over to hit Jamin! “What’s doing that?” I tried to whisper! My first thought was a tornado. But it wasn’t stormy at all. I thought, “Is the washer off balance?” But of course I don’t do laundry at 5 in the morning.

It seemed like it could be an earthquake, but since I have never heard of one in my life (except California or another country), I figured I would sound like a major idiot if I really thought it was an earthquake! It lasted for probably a minute. I started thinking what I would do if the house split in two and a huge hold appeared through my floor, way into the ground. Of course, what could I do? I guess we would all die (you know how your mind works in the middle of the night).

I went back to sleep, then all of a sudden a loud noise woke us both up. The shelving in my closet had collapsed, probably the result of large amounts of “it’s such a good deal,” and of course, the earthquake loosening the screws.

It was a pretty unsettling morning…but I survived!

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2 thoughts on “I Survived

  1. Earthquake..wow! Did you all have a nice time at the Bible Conference?

  2. What a memorable morning!I wish I had an earthquake as an excuse for my closet rack falling down! 🙂

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