Visiting Tennessee, Family, and Baby Zechariah

We’re in Tennessee for a few days, and we are loving it! We miss home, but family time becomes more and more precious as time goes on. Everybody has Sunday dinner at Mom’s every week…except the Boyers. 🙂 So when we are there, we enjoy every minute. It’s such a wonderful thing to see how God has blessed our family. We have truly been given “a goodly heritage.”
Precious Baby Zechariah taking a nap yesterday

The baby quilt I made for him

All the boys! (Braden holding Zechariah (L), Daniel, Ryder holding Jackson (R))

Aunt Joy and the cutie pie himself

We are also excited to go to Bible Conference tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone we can! I’m sure we’ll see a lot of people we’ve forgotten (sad to say), but a lot of people we’ll be looking for!

Life is a wonderful journey when you have the Lord in your life!

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One thought on “Visiting Tennessee, Family, and Baby Zechariah

  1. Hi Joy,You’re looking really good 🙂 Hope you had a good time at the conference. Are you anywhere near Dayton, OH? We’ll be coming through there May 17th visiting my brother for the weekend.

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