Sweet Spring Sunshine

Today, we are enjoying the sunshine. It’s very warm and beautiful! And we’re hoping it’s the end of Spring Fever. Pretty soon it’ll be hot and I’ll want to stay inside with the a/c. I’m not a very outdoorsy person (most of you know this who read my camping post from last July). 🙂 But this is the time I want to be out.

“Am I a doll or what?”
Daddy and Baby with no chin
Pawpaw and Grammy stopped back through this past weekend. Jackson loved helping Pawpaw play the piano.
My sweet boy
The Lord is greatly blessing us. Jamin now has two promising job options. He is pretty set on his decision, but it’s not final yet. But praise the Lord for providing for us! He always does!
In other news… we’re finally going to make it to Bible Conference this year! We haven’t been since we moved away in ’05. We’ll only be there for Tuesday night, but we’re very excited. I’m really nervous about Jackson though. He doesn’t do great in our nursery, so I know he’ll have a hard time there. But maybe he can last for a little while for me. I had considered having Mom watch him, but I want to take him and show him off.
Enjoy the sunshine!
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2 thoughts on “Sweet Spring Sunshine

  1. Joy,I cant wait to see you at the conference. We will probably meet up in the nursery.

  2. I wish we could go! I’d love to see y’all! Have a safe trip! I loved hearing Jackson sing! How precious!

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