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We are loving life right now. Things are going so great. Of course, life can always be great when you have the Lord. But, you know what I’m talking about, the sun is shining, you’ve got money for groceries, everyone’s healthy. I can’t remember if I blogged about it or now, but Jamin has a job now. He is working for a man in our church who does excavating. The best thing about it, is that it is flexible, and Jamin will be working with someone he enjoys spending time with. The Lord is so good to us!

We started a club for our church kids Sunday night after church. It is called Keepers of the Faith. The boys’ part is Contenders for the Faith, and the girls’ part is Keepers at Home. It’s kind of a Boy/Girl Scout kind of thing, but completely Christian. They can earn badges for learning their skills, and there is a lot of Bible reading and Bible memory they can earn badges for. It is a huge program, and very flexible for you to make into your own. I’m starting with quilting with the girls, and Jamin is doing tools with the boys. We’ve just had one club so far, so now we can see the kinks we need to work out. It’s really exciting!

Okay, here are the pictures:

Jackson still doesn’t know how to “jump” in his Jonny Jump-Up, but he likes to sit in it. Here, he’s gotten tired and wants out.

Mimi got him this Precious Moments boy that says a prayer. He loves it!

He loves to hold his hands together, like a polite little gentleman.

“I’m so happy Daddy’s home from work!”

Caught red-handed, chewing on Daddy’s notepad!

Tummy Time (I’m trying to force him into rolling over!)

He fell asleep playing yesterday…so adorable! Notice his hand still on the toy!

Chubby fingers (yes, I know I need to cut his nails; they grow as fast as mine)

Chubby cheeks

Dream little sweet dreams
Baby, go to sleep
While I rock you gently
And cuddled you keep
Dream little sweet dreams
Of a game or toy
While I thank Jesus
For my sleeping little boy

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I Survived

I’m sure most of you heard about the earthquake on the news. Well, I survived it!

Jackson was restless through the night Thursday into early Friday morning. So I was sleeping pretty light, and all of a sudden my candlesticks on the wall started rattling, the bed started shaking. I slung my hand over to hit Jamin! “What’s doing that?” I tried to whisper! My first thought was a tornado. But it wasn’t stormy at all. I thought, “Is the washer off balance?” But of course I don’t do laundry at 5 in the morning.

It seemed like it could be an earthquake, but since I have never heard of one in my life (except California or another country), I figured I would sound like a major idiot if I really thought it was an earthquake! It lasted for probably a minute. I started thinking what I would do if the house split in two and a huge hold appeared through my floor, way into the ground. Of course, what could I do? I guess we would all die (you know how your mind works in the middle of the night).

I went back to sleep, then all of a sudden a loud noise woke us both up. The shelving in my closet had collapsed, probably the result of large amounts of “it’s such a good deal,” and of course, the earthquake loosening the screws.

It was a pretty unsettling morning…but I survived!

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Visiting Tennessee, Family, and Baby Zechariah

We’re in Tennessee for a few days, and we are loving it! We miss home, but family time becomes more and more precious as time goes on. Everybody has Sunday dinner at Mom’s every week…except the Boyers. 🙂 So when we are there, we enjoy every minute. It’s such a wonderful thing to see how God has blessed our family. We have truly been given “a goodly heritage.”
Precious Baby Zechariah taking a nap yesterday

The baby quilt I made for him

All the boys! (Braden holding Zechariah (L), Daniel, Ryder holding Jackson (R))

Aunt Joy and the cutie pie himself

We are also excited to go to Bible Conference tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone we can! I’m sure we’ll see a lot of people we’ve forgotten (sad to say), but a lot of people we’ll be looking for!

Life is a wonderful journey when you have the Lord in your life!

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Jackson Wants to Sing

Click to play Jackson Lee Boyer
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Sweet Spring Sunshine

Today, we are enjoying the sunshine. It’s very warm and beautiful! And we’re hoping it’s the end of Spring Fever. Pretty soon it’ll be hot and I’ll want to stay inside with the a/c. I’m not a very outdoorsy person (most of you know this who read my camping post from last July). 🙂 But this is the time I want to be out.

“Am I a doll or what?”
Daddy and Baby with no chin
Pawpaw and Grammy stopped back through this past weekend. Jackson loved helping Pawpaw play the piano.
My sweet boy
The Lord is greatly blessing us. Jamin now has two promising job options. He is pretty set on his decision, but it’s not final yet. But praise the Lord for providing for us! He always does!
In other news… we’re finally going to make it to Bible Conference this year! We haven’t been since we moved away in ’05. We’ll only be there for Tuesday night, but we’re very excited. I’m really nervous about Jackson though. He doesn’t do great in our nursery, so I know he’ll have a hard time there. But maybe he can last for a little while for me. I had considered having Mom watch him, but I want to take him and show him off.
Enjoy the sunshine!
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A New Neice, a New Nephew…

Monday, we went to see Baby Jordan. We went along with the Reagans to help us all save a little gas, and just to spend a day together.
Audrey wanted to hold Jackson before we got going…Jackson didn’t like it.
Uncle Jamin and Jordan
Look at the little cutie!

All the grandchildren on the Boyer side
And of course I can’t post without just throwing in the latest of Jackson. 🙂

Oh, for cuteness!!

Mommy’s kisses make him grin, and sometimes giggle

He loves to sleep with his face covered…so adorable!

He has just in the last week really started playing with his toys. It used to be accidental, but now he can play with them on purpose. 🙂

Last, but definitely not least, a new nephew was born yesterday. I haven’t seen him yet, but Jonathan took a picture of him. Click here to see it.
Zechariah Zion Crass
April 3, 2008
6 pounds, 12 ounces
18 1/2 inches long
Welcome to the family!
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