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3-Month-Old Baby!

Here are bits and pieces of our last few days.
Jackson sleeping in his carseat while we got ready for Grammy and Pawpaw’s visit.

Grammy and Pawpaw stopped by on the way to see Baby Jordan Divens.
Jackson loves his horsey, Clyde.

Bonanza! He loved watching it!

I looked over this morning while I was getting ready and saw Daddy and Jackson playing “tent.”

Bathtime this morning. He’s going to grow out of his tub soon. He already makes a mess when he splashes.

Playing in the floor while I blog!

We would also like to welcome a new neice, baby Jordan Divens! She and Jeanene are doing well. We are going to see them next week, and we’re so excited. We’ll post our pictures of her soon. Congratulations, Divens family!

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Baby Dedication Day

Here are the pictures of Easter and Baby Dedication Day. It was a sweet, precious time to dedicate our son, really ourselves, to the Lord. Having a baby has brought such a joy to our lives, but also a great responsibility. There is no way we can raise him right unless we are depending daily on the Lord.

Getting ready…

Jackson wasn’t too happy when we put his tie on.

Mom and Dad were there for a few days to visit. I was glad they could be there for our special day.

All the parents and their babies age 2 and under.
Jackson and his pastor, Bro. Jimmy

Jackson and his buddy, Jenell

Today is a beautiful day! It’s in the sunny 60s, and we are so ready for spring. Jackson had on a cute hat today, so I just had to get a picture.

Jamin has been doing some work at the church today, so Jackson and I sat outside while he worked. It was really his first day ever to be outside! He was a little scared at all the traffic. But he got used to it after a while and fell asleep. He’s so precious!

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To Come Soon…

We had Baby Dedication Day this past Sunday, along with our Resurrection Sunday. We were all dressed up, and Jackson had on a precious little outfit. The camera (with the pictures on it) is outside and I’m too lazy to go get it. 🙂 But I’ll post them soon.

Jamin still does not have a part-time job, but we are watching the Lord provide through family and friends. Every need is met! God is good!

I recently joined Facebook. I’m amazed at how many people are there. So I’ve been spending my precious computer time on there instead of on the blog. 🙂 I like Facebook, but it’s not as nice and neat as the blog. It’s kind of all-over-the-place, if you know what I mean. So I don’t like it as well. I’m pledging myself to spend more time on the blog instead of Facebook.

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Life in March

Well, I have no new pictures to post…unbelievable I know. But I wanted to give a quick update on what’s been going on. Jamin’s job still has not come through, but the good news is that the church is starting to support us part time! Yea! We are very excited about that. That’s what Jamin was really praying about. His heart is working in the church, and we are so thankful that God has provided that for us. He still needs a part time job, but we know the Lord has a plan.

Jackson is doing so great! He is such a good boy. I cherish every minute with him. I love to cuddle him and rock him. I know he’ll be too big for me to do this before I know it.

It’s been a busy few days. Good thing Jamin’s not working full time right now. There was a death in our church over the weekend. Please pray for the Kenny Niceley family. But this has given the Reagans and the church lots to do. So we’ve been busy helping them. Yesterday, Jamin and the pastor went to a preacher’s fellowship at Justin Grinstead’s church. I stayed with Alicia. It took us all day to go to Wal Mart, make a big (and I mean big, about 10 lbs) roaster full of meatballs, and try to eat in-between everything, plus the phone ringing. Then the visitation was in the evening, so we took turns watching each other’s kids. The funeral is today so I’m babysitting for her. Then the church is hosting a dinner for the family after the burial. We’re all a little tired, but we wouldn’t trade the ministry for anything.

I’ll have more pictures soon!! Have a great day!

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Our Professionals

Here are the rest of our professional pictures. We think they are so cute!

Now here are some snapshots of our little cutie!
He is getting so pudgy! At his 2-month checkup last week, he weighed in at 14 lbs!

It seems that there is nothing else in life now, except Jackson. We are loving him more every day, if that’s possible. 🙂

Jamin’s job is pretty much not there anymore. We’re not worried because we know the Lord will take care of us. But we’re just praying about what to do. He wants to be able to work for the church as much as possible, as soon as possible, so he doesn’t really want to get tied down with another full-time job. But a man has to work, right? 🙂 So we’re just praying for him to have wisdom to know what to do.

We’re really enjoying Jamin being home. He has been able to help Bro. Jimmy with a lot more church work than he could when he was working. We’re loving every minute of First Baptist Church! 🙂

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