Showers of blessings

So much to post, so little time. To tell you the truth, I’m just too tired to post any pictures. 🙂 I just want to give a quick update. We are on schedule to move tomorrow. Click here to see where we are going. We have our UHaul in the driveway, and my family is all helping tomorrow. Please pray for me. My excitement has already peaked…now I’m missing my mom. I know I just need some adjustment time, but I feel like I’m leaving home all over again. However, knowing I’m going to have my own home to keep again carries me through the sadness. 😉 Having a house makes me so happy I want to giggle like a little giddy girl.

The Lord has worked everything out. The church we mostly attended on Wednesdays in Virginia voted to give us $250 to help us move. It was very kind of them! We grew to love the pastor and people there. Also, another church nearby is giving us $200/month for six months! What a blessing! The Lord has really confirmed in many ways that we are going the direction He wants us to go.

Also, the baby shower in Virginia went very well. I got my nice travel system, and tons of precious little outfits, other needed things, and an unbelievable amount of cash and gift cards! The Lord is good! And to think I was afraid my little boy wouldn’t be spoiled enough. 🙂

The people of First Baptist will be there to welcome us this weekend. They are doing a lot to help us get settled. Alicia and some of the ladies cleaned the house for me today…so nice. I’m not sure if they would do that if I wasn’t a little huge right now. 😉 And, the men are coming to help unload the truck. They are also bringing us some food to keep us until we have time for grocery shopping. They have been extremely thoughtful! I think we are going to have a wonderful church family!

Jamin and I really covet your prayers during this time. Going into a new ministry is a wonderful and exciting thing. But it is sobering at the same time. We want so much to please the Lord, and nothing else. It’s so easy to get caught up in daily life and responsibilities and forget that our lives are for Him. We are not our own; we are bought with a price. He saved us to bring glory to Himself. We don’t want to be a hindrance to the ministry in any way. He is so good to us!

Well, off we go. Please hang in there. It may be a while before I post again, but I shall return!

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5 thoughts on “Showers of blessings

  1. Moving into a new ministry is so exciting and nerve racking at the same time. You guys are moving about an hour from where we just moved from. We were at First Baptist Church of Milford (right outside of Cincinnati). I know excactly where you are moving. I sang at a funeral in Seaman (just a few miles from you). We are certainly praying for you and trust that all will go well with your move.

  2. I understand about missing family! We just moved to Montana and now I am about a 33 hour drive to Knoxville, TN! Congratulations are in order too!! We are praying for you!

  3. I love you Joy! Call me and let me know your new address! jg

  4. I hope the move went well! Have fun “nesting” for awhile before the little one comes!

  5. Jamin, Joy, & Jackson,I had typed in a whole long comment to your most post about the move, but I lost the whole thing when I tried to publish the comments. I don’t remember what all I had put but I do want you to know how much of a blessing you are to me to know that you are serving the Lord with your WHOLE heart. I am so sorry that we, as your home away from home church did not give you a better send off. But know this, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I will also tell you, if it were not for having to use e-mail every day at work, I would NEVER check it. so, if you ever send anything to me, send it to & it won’t be a problem. And my yahoo account is coco4coffee —- but it is doubtful that you will ever see anything from that one. 🙂 I can check this when it is slow here at work. So, until the next time, thank you for your wonderful and inspiring service to our Lord. Love — Susan Proffitt

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